Modify #57: Historical Multiplayer Combat, HL2-Style

Andy Mahood of GameSpy writes:

"There have been a few games and mods that have bucked the trend -- Red Orchestra comes to mind -- by taking us back to an earlier 20th Century battlefield where bolt-action rifles and iron sights ruled the day, but they're the exception more than the rule.

Pursuing that premise even further, we put a couple of unique "historical" Half-Life 2 multiplayer mods through their paces this week. One is all about six-guns and Winchester rifles on the American frontier while the other time-travels back to an age of swords, crossbows, and chain mail armor.

Forget about red-dot laser sights and plasma guns... we're going old school."

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LJWooly3965d ago

HL2 mods are getting really old now, much like the Source engine itself.

TheIneffableBob3965d ago

Age of Chivalry is fun, but I prefer Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II.