Why camping will not be fixed in Black Ops 2

Camping has always been one of the biggest issues with the Call of Duty franchise when it comes to Call of Duty online but this is one problem that will probably not be addressed in Black Ops 2.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1932d ago

***"Although this would never be implemented in a game series that prides itself on realism"***

CoD prides itself on realism? Is that why aim assist and quick-scoping is present?

dark-hollow1932d ago

fix the random respwning system first.
in MW3, every player get respawned randomly regardless if he is close to the enemy team or not.

its a clusterfuck!

Lord_Sloth1932d ago

How do you fix this sort of issue, insta kill anybody staying still for too long!? Short of a crap load of random respawn points all over the area there aren't any other options!

Though having a grim reaper show up and kill the camping players would be rather funny IMO.

annus1932d ago

They could implement a system that slowly does damage to the player if they don't move a certain distance in time (or starts taking away points/kdr), or they could just go the good route and make actual good maps that don't encourage camping by having multiple paths to locations, there are reasons why there are no/little campers in games like Counter Strike, Team Fortress and Unreal Tournament.

oneangle1932d ago

Maybe create an anxiety meter that slowly increases the longer you remain still. In effect, the player gets blurred vision, lower accuracy, or increased chance of a weapon jamming.

IRetrouk1932d ago

That's actually a really good idea, nice

JellyJelly1932d ago

Design levels that don't favor campers.

I don't think much will be fixed or improved in Black Ops 2. I go by the history of the last 4 COD games when saying this.

NeoTribe1932d ago

That's a good idea. Grim reaper perk. Anytime ur killed by a camper the reaper will hunt em down lol.

GraveLord1931d ago

Exactly. You can't stop camping.

A good camper switches camping spots every few kills.

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floetry1011932d ago

While Call of Duty does get any number of things wrong, this is more a case of 'hate the player, not the game'. Camping will be prevalent in this game, as it will be in future iterations of the series and many other great FPS titles. That's how it has been for the biggest multiplayer shooters in the last decade and that's how it's always going to be.

Unless you're Tribes, camping is just going to be a culture of poor gamers that you'll have to tolerate.

hennessey861932d ago

in any FPS but even in COD4 it wasn't that bad, the problem is the amount of extras COD gives which makes camping a huge problem in COD.

johnnyvegas1932d ago

Don't know much about CoD, but I'm pretty sure it had dedicated servers of some sorts. I doubt a person connection could handle every player in the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.