Review: Battleship (darkzero)

"The summer blockbuster movies are trickling into cinemas now, so that means the videogame industry is about to launch their wave of movie license products based on these movies. It’s near enough common knowledge that most videogames based on these films normally end up being mediocre or terrible. Battleship, which is a first-person shooter based on the film (which is loosely based on the board game - confusing!) that stars Liam Neeson and popstar Rihanna, is no different. Double Helix Games – the guys that brought you Front Mission Evolved and Silent Hill: Homecoming – have put some good ideas into Battleship,  but they're badly implemented and the game ultimately doesn't hold up to the standard for first-person shooters."

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Dante1122049d ago

Dang, I had high hopes for this game. I'll probably pick it up when it drops in price.

modesign2049d ago

i pity any loser that buys this game considering its coming out the same day as max payne 3