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Is the $99 Xbox Worth It?

Twinfinite looks into the new $99 Xbox and researches what a local rent to own shop would charge in comparison. (Microsoft, Xbox 360)

Raoh  +   1154d ago
If your poor and don't need a hard drive.
Lucretia  +   1154d ago
dont forget Stupid and doesnt know how to do math.

because every smart person knows this is more expensive.

MS will cash in on alot of fools.

to bad the consumer doesnt just get the stuff on a credit card and pay it off slow cuz even with interest its still cheaper. Oh well
dark-hollow  +   1154d ago
or maybe you cant afford the full price and rather pay monthly in a small accounts?

i dont understand the hate for this deal.
this business model is worked on smartphones then why not on consoles?

especially if next gen arrives, small amount monthly would a lot easier to stomach than the usual heft $400-$600 possible price tag of next gen consoles.

not everyone can afford or justify the full prices of these consoles today, so whats the hurt of giving them the choice?
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jeeves86  +   1154d ago
The hate for this deal is because it is such a blatant ripoff.

If you want smaller payments for big purchases, get yourself a credit card and make the payments on time.
dark-hollow  +   1154d ago
using credit cards? are you out of your mind!?

i cant stress enough how much you should AVOID using those as much as possible.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1154d ago
Yea but you're paying it off each month and some people don't got the full amount up front. I think it's stupid they would give you a 4gb when in the end, you would have payed more than 300 on it.
Lucretia  +   1154d ago
Dark hollow......why should people stay away from credit cards if they can act responsibly with them? I have always pay it on time, im not in debt and It boosts peoples credit rating a ton which is good when you wanna buy a car or a house.

sooooo why should i stay away again? Oh yeah because YOU dont know how to control yourself with credit cards.

you make me laugh. You really think this deal is good when you only have a 4gb hard drive and its more expensive than the 120 gig which is 300, then buy a year of live on amazon and skip kinect cuz kinect isnt worth it.

thats the right math dude. But go keep playin kinect or defending the uninformed consumer. Im thinking u work for MS honestly and u have a link avatar to boost ur bubbles
testerg35  +   1154d ago
Lucretia, so do you think credit cards would exist if there was no interest rates on them? I'm not sure what your argument is about.
JaredH  +   1154d ago
Is anyone surprised by this offer? MS saw how popular cell phone contracts are in the US and so they're trying a similar concept.
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brish  +   1154d ago
A console is useless without games to play on it. If a person can't afford $200 for the entry level console how are they going to afford to get games for it?
_Aarix_  +   1154d ago
No PC in the whole world will play Gears of War 3, halo 4, gta4, or skyrim that well for $200.
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RedDevils  +   1154d ago
Only if you're broke
RememberReach  +   1154d ago
This is a brilliant plan. People will see the $99 price tag and fail to read the fine print. Boom. More Xboxes sold.
xPhearR3dx  +   1154d ago
They have to tell you if you're signing a contract. In the end, this is great for certain people. They don't have 300-400 bucks to drop at once to get a 360 and Kinect. So by only paying like 30-40 bucks extra at the end of two years, it's definitely worth it to them.

The only people saying this plan is a ripoff is people who play the stupid sales war. Making a product more affordable for certain people isn't a bad thing.
Lucretia  +   1154d ago
but its more expensive dude. and u can just use a credit card. Unless your still living with your mom you should be able to get one easy and Pay way less for the content of this bundle.
xPhearR3dx  +   1154d ago

Yeah and you'll pay interest out the ass. What's the percentage nowadays? Like 19.7%-ish? This bundle plus 2 years of XBL would cost you $420. With this, you're paying $460. By going with MS instead of a credit card, you're looking at 10%-ish interest when it's said and done. Buying something with a credit card doesn't make you rich and not living with your mommy. It makes you broke due to interest rates.
brettyd  +   1154d ago
for M$ it is.
Anon1974  +   1154d ago
It's consumer choice. Buy it now, pay x number of dollars. Put down a smaller amount now and pay the rest in installments and it's a little bit more but you get to pay it off in installments - convenient for people on a fixed budget like students. I think if you don't want to take the hit up front and don't mind paying a bit more for the convenience of paying it off over time, this is a fantastic option. It's certainly cheaper than putting it on the credit card given the rates on most cards.
Neko_Mega  +   1154d ago
Dumb people will do it, I seen alots of people buy the 4GB 360 even when told it can't do alot of things online and everything else they want to do. But buy it anyways and later on come back piss because it couldn't do the things it says it does.
-Doctor-BD  +   1154d ago
This would be a good deal if the 360 was something like €600-€800, but it's not. You can get a 360 for like €200-€250, so why bother with this deal?.
SKUD  +   1154d ago
Those early termination fees after the 30 days are brutal for the first year. The TRAP has been set.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1154d ago
i really dont understand all the hate for this.

over 2 whole years on this plan you end up paying what, $50 extra? thats $25 a year that youre paying to have a console + kinect NOW rather than in 2 years time. how do you see that as a bad deal?

i suppose all of you guys buy your mobile phones outright, do you? how about cars, you buy them outright with cash? houses too i assume, since you all seem to think that paying (essentially) interest is the devils work and only morons would do it.

this is a great deal for those that cant afford to shell out $400 up front for a 360 + kinect + XBL Gold. hell, if the next gen launches with a plan like this, sign me up. id gladly pay $25 extra a year to save $300+ at the start. you also get a 2 year warranty with this as opposed to the 12 month one, meaning the extra you pay is essentially buying you an extended warranty. with this generation of consoles, an extra 12 month warranty can be a godsend.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1154d ago
Wow, one comment that doesn't paint you as a fanboy or a blind hater.

I agree, I personally wouldn't go for this deal, but I can understand this deal appealing to people who are on a budget or can't afford fork over the full price up front.
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kreate  +   1154d ago
I also agree. Not too bad of a deal.

My question is, what happens when xbox/kinect/live gets a price drop?

Ppl are stuck in the payment plan?
Or able to get a price adjustment?

If next gen starts out with planned payments, microsony can sell more consoles.

Edit: its also good to note that this isnt anything new. Other companies has plans like these for both xbox/ps3.
Third party companies obviously.
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iistuii  +   1154d ago
@kreate, it's like everything you buy on credit. You buy a new tv over 2 years & it's out of date by the time the deals up, & if you bought an iPhone 2 years ago you'd be out of date too. Of course you don't get a price adjustment, why should you, it's a credit deal like any other in the world today, it's just getting slaughtered on N4G because it's Microsoft.
Christopher  +   1154d ago
***i suppose all of you guys buy your mobile phones outright, do you?***

I do, but if I didn't, I would still need to get a phone plan from a carrier. Why wouldn't most use their deals on phones while getting a plan that they already would begetting?

*** how about cars, you buy them outright with cash?***

If I can, but if not, that's what loans are for.

***houses too i assume, since you all seem to think that paying (essentially) interest is the devils work and only morons would do it. ***

Now you're getting ridiculous.

***this is a great deal for those that cant afford to shell out $400 up front for a 360 + kinect + XBL Gold.***

If you can't afford to save up that much money in a few months, then shouldn't you not be putting money towards that and instead saving up money for when something really urgent comes up? And, if you're that strapped for cash, do you think that paying $50 more in the long run is much considering how much you'll end up spending on games?

Gaming is not a hobby for everyone. It takes an investment of money to start and even more money to continue. If you are so strapped for cash that you can't lay down the $400 for a console, you shouldn't be doing it in the first place. Use that money to help you get to a position in life where you can do just that, don't go spreading the cost out and paying more. You already have to do that for a car and a home, why would you do it for something that won't help you get to your job or put shelter over your family but only make you pay more in the long run to use?
jetlian  +   1154d ago
we know what side your on lol. Loans and Credit cards have extreme interest rates. Anybody saying use that instead is flat out stupid!!!

you also getting 2 year warranty with this which cost 60 bucks so in the end its a good deal. Also with any 16gb usb your at the original 20gb level. So memory isnt a issue.

And truthfully if your a hardcore gamer why did you wait 7 years to make the jump! oh thats right this is for casuals.

Some of you need to try harder when it come to hating
Christopher  +   1154d ago
***we know what side your on lol. Loans and Credit cards have extreme interest rates. Anybody saying use that instead is flat out stupid!!! ***

1. Where did I say anything about using a credit card.

2. Comparing saving up $15-400k for a car/house is far from the same as doing as such for a $400 luxury item.

I'm on the side of logic here. If you couldn't have put down $400 dollars before for the same thing (or less considering no XBL subscription), then do you really think any hobby that requires you to put more money down each time you want to play a new game is the right way to go?
jetlian  +   1154d ago
Most people dont buy 400 dollar luxury items as you call them. Most phones you pay 2-300 with 2 year contracts, phones by themselves are over 600 w/o contract.

So plenty of people do it. Fingerhut doubles most things in this fashion. I remember them doing it with 360 when it first came out. When I couldnt find a 360 I was tempted to pay 650 they wanted.

At this pricing a kid or college student can afford this. I know back when I was in school My parents gave me 15 dollars a week for lunch.

I would have loved getting a system like this. But back then there was nothing like this for me

If sony did this and at the beginning 360 probably wouldn't be this far along. Sony should have said 2-300 down rest over the next 2 years they would probably be over 100 million sold
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DarthJay  +   1154d ago
Better option then buying at Aarons or Rent-A-Center, which many people do and don't even get the benefit of Live. You'd be shocked how many people do rent-to-own. This is a way better option and realistically, makes the unit much more accessible for many people.

You could make the argument that the people that need this deal probably shouldn't be spending money on video games, but in the end, I really don't see the big deal.
MacUser1986  +   1154d ago
I would appreciate this deal if there were a hard drive of respectable size.
tweet75  +   1154d ago
its a good deal for people that dont mind paying premium prices in the long run and dont have the cash right now. The ones that get alot of stuff at rent to own stores.
rmedtx  +   1154d ago
I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this type of business model MS is trying. This may turn into consoles being rented to players. Kind of like cable companies own their boxes and you have to return them when you are not longer subscribed. We want to own our hardware.

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