New Modern Warfare 3 Maps Finally Coming to PS3

If you're an Elite member, that is.

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GraveLord1604d ago

Can't wait!
I love how Infinity Ward is supporting this game with great content.
(Stay mad haters!)

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shackdaddy1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I'm surprised you're not pissed that IW basically shafted you for more than a month even though you payed just as much as Xbox gamers to get Elite. It's pretty much a "F*** you" from them.

Just my opinion though...

RustInPeace1604d ago

The only real plus to having Elite is not ending up spending about $75-$80 on DLC in the long run with that one big hit of $50 up front. Nothing more, nothing less. The service itself is useless junk stat tracking (free & MUCH better sorted in the original BlOps) with throwaway videos thrown together that no one cares about enough to watch. The whole clan idea is another useless "feature" until they finally implement the daily/weekly challenges that allows ALL members of your clan to help rank it up (and keep the damn clan ops updated and not blank for weeks on end!)

Hufandpuf1604d ago

They JUST got the DLC that's been available for like, ever? Hilarious!

Hufandpuf1604d ago

Elite is a rippoff. Everyone should get the DLC at the same time if they paid the same price.

spunnups1604d ago

why PS3 gamers even bother with this nonsense is beyond me, theyre prob the same ones that watch their girlfriends cheat on them, have some respect for yourselves as gamers!!!!

Lucretia1604d ago

same reason people pay for live. they enjoy getting ripped off

THEonlyBONBON1604d ago

Can't believe people on PS3 put up with waiting a month more...

mp12891603d ago

its like $5 dollars less when you consider thats the price you payed to keep xbox live for that extra month...oh but a month later call of duty feels aged right? specially since their engine its just 5 years old.

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The story is too old to be commented.