Atari and Cryptic Studios Suffered Security Breach, Tell Users About It 18 Months Later

GR: "Gamers with accounts at and (Test Drive Unlimited 2) got a rude awakening today when Atari reset all login data after the discovery of a date breach at then subsidiary Cryptic Studios back in December 2010. Atari was quick to point out in the e-mail that they've since sold Cryptic and any break-in of their networks occurred nearly a year and a half earlier than the notification."

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stormeagle62176d ago

Haven't had one of these for a while, I guess we had to hear about an old breach since a new one hasn't happened recently.

Brawler2176d ago

dang 18months later thats crazy

WeskerChildReborned2176d ago

Wow a year and 6 months later -.-

mr_badhand2176d ago

The media is definitely biased against Atari!

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