Black Ops 2 vs. Halo 4: Which FPS Should You Get?

Black Ops 2 faces some competition this year, with Halo 4 possibly being the toughest. If you're deciding on which to get, check out this article.

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NovusTerminus1993d ago

NEITHER! I am sick of FPS games!

Relientk771993d ago

In this generation of consoles, I am not suprised by that answer lol

Solid_Snake371993d ago

well if i had a 360 i would go with HALO 4

zeal0us1993d ago

Think ill rent Halo for the Single Player, never really cared for the halo when it came to multiplayer.

BO2, I will wait and catch it on a deal and then get it, if I got the money. I tend to like Treyarch more than Infinity Ward when it comes to COD.

EVILDEAD3601992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Millions of Halo fans will buy Halo 4 day one and one week later Millions will buy Black Ops 2.

Both will dominate Xbox Live as number one and two most played through the first quarter of 2013.

Halo and Call of Duty are easily the two most popular franchises for hardcore 360 fans, they are not actually competing as both will see massive massive success.

I feel bad for the rest of the software releasing the rest of November and December though.

September and October will be the months you will see most of the Fall/Holiday games try to make their mark.

This is where Bioshock: Infinite, Assassin's Creed, and Medal of Honor will all release.

Micrsoft will release Fable: Journey and Forza Horizon during this time as well.

What will be interesting is if GTA 5 releases or will they wait till April 2013 where they can literally dominate the entire install base of the 360 and PS3 untouched by any other competition. This will be my early prediction.


tokugawa1992d ago

i will buy both... no probs for me

AngryTypingGuy1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Honestly, I was a little skeptical about the future of Halo after Bungie moved on, but after reading the cover story of the new Game Informer, I'm very optimistic. And even though graphics are just the icing on the cake of what makes a great game, this Halo will look stunning (let's face it, graphics was never Bungie's strong suit).

I'll be getting Halo before any COD game.

sikbeta1992d ago

X360: Halo 4
PS3: any other game that's not COD, thanks :D

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blue7_71993d ago

So why did you come into this topic then?

Anyways Halo 4 for me but I might get Black OPs 2 as well since I haven't bought a COD game since the first modern warfare and black ops 2 looks different from all the other ones so it kind of got me interested again.

mewhy321992d ago

Well I'd get Halo for sure. Not to say that I wouldn't get Black Ops2. I will probably get it too.The Call of Duty games have always been great and best played on Xbox as many head to heads have shown over and over.

Trenta271993d ago

Heck yes. I only wanted Borderlands 2 and that's only because it will actually rock.

Mutant-Spud1992d ago

I'll probably get Halo 4 first, then get Blops 2 in six months or so, if Halo has a co-op campaign it'll pay to get in early as people tend to stop playing it after a few months.I like the levels of game customisation in Halo more than i like the character customisation in COD and Firefight is more fun than zombies.

SilentNegotiator1992d ago

If Halo 4 takes as many cues from COD as Reach, I won't bother with either one. I'm not interested in Call of Duty #100 or Call of Halo #2.

Give me more first person games like the original Deus Ex, Riddick, etc. Less linear gung-ho crap, more tactical, varied games.

MrMister1992d ago

NEITHER! Because Halo and Black Ops are re-hashes everytime a new one comes out. Halo was overrated since the 1st one, and hasnt added much to it since. And dont get me started about COD.

DixieNormS1992d ago

Both during black friday for $30. Yay.

chriski3331992d ago

Neither! Don't care for halo and im never buying anymore recycled crap COD

Megaton1992d ago

There are still some good FPS out there. Like I'll be getting BioShock Infinite and Borderlands 2 this year. Won't be touching generic, repetitive, big franchise games like Blops 2 or Halo 4.

showtimefolks1992d ago

borderlands 2

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TheGameFoxJTV1992d ago

I honestly loved the mess out of the Darkness 2.

iamnsuperman1993d ago

Both??? I do not know why we have to decided between one or the other. There is always a lul in the summer anyway so my advice save money over the summer the blow out (if you want to spend it on games) in the rush before Christmas

WolfLeBlack1993d ago

Somehow I can't but help question an article like this when it's on a Black Ops 2 dedicated website :D

Ken221993d ago

Niether DUST 514 it is :D.

gtxgamer21993d ago

Can't wait, playerbase is gonna be HUGE. Gamers like free games

Fylus1993d ago

God, yes. DUST 514 is going to be beyond amazing.