NCAA Football '13 New In-Game Presentation

It's not even close to football season, and summer isn't even here yet, but this doesn't stop EA Sports from releasing information to hype their yearly football franchises. Christian McLeod released important information involving the Dynasty mode for NCAA Football '13, which no doubt bring the college football experience over the top and help make it one of the best football games of all time.

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Wolfbiker2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

looks good so far, I hope these all flow well with the maybe keep doing the stuff while I'm calling a play so that you don't have to sit there, watch rece Davis update and then pic your play....take the play select screen and overlay it over them doing the updates.

I think ESPN 2k5 did something similar to this.

Also rece with halftime highlights from other games would be cool.

Feldman90002046d ago

All that is pushing it this far. They've laid nice groundwork on what to do for next gen given more space to work with. I think the fact that EA develops first for Xbox and the fact they only have DVDs as compared to blu rays has really helped hold back this sports generation. Look at what was possible with The Show.

Psychotica2046d ago

Hope they add a bounty program :)