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Microsoft and Sony Need to Differentiate Next Generation... Or Else

Michael Futter writes: With E3 right around the corner, it seems the perfect time to think about what might be revealed and what the next generation of consoles may hold. There has already been much speculation with some pundits crying about the sky falling due to the rapid growth of mobile gaming, the warning/hopefulness of a used game lockouts and even consoles reliant solely on downloadable software. Let’s be realistic; most of this is just guesswork. What we do know is that the industry is changing. (Android, Industry, iPad, iPhone, Microsoft, Nintendo, PC, PS3, Sony, Wii U, Xbox 360)

bfenty  +   1245d ago
I've been saying this for years! Graphics are important, but they aren't enough to differentiate anymore. We're at a point where gaming needs to evolve (and no, I don't think the Wii is the answer)
smashcrashbash  +   1245d ago
You talk as if it so simple. Technology can only evolve so fast you know. Changing the way an industry is not something you can do over night.Coming up with something completely different isn't always as profitable as just simply doing something slightly different from before.

Look at how Sony tried to push the PSPGo as an only downloadable machine and people rejected it. To do something dynamic and radical takes great risk. It's easy to yell to try to differentiate when it's not your money or company at risk or on the line.People always simplify things so much.

Companies are complex organisms and it's never as simple as people try to make it seem. Just like people yelling 'Just cut the price' or 'just bring this PS1 and PS2 game to PSN' as if it's just one person in charge of making it happen. Forget about differentiation, concentrate on making a console that is efficient and works well and doesn't shut down in a year and a half or 50% of the time. Don't give me gimmicks and tacked on things to try to be different and give me some crap system. People keep advancing technology and not taking care of the minor details that always get in the way of efficiency.

@ PaladinXII First of all you completely missed my point by concentrating on a single sentence of my post, classical N4G. Second of all that was only one of the reasons. Sony's download only idea for their console was considered a bad idea by many people. It was ONE of the main reasons it failed
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PaladinXII  +   1245d ago
The PSPGo didn't fail because it was download only. It failed because you couldn't access the whole library (or even most of it) via download.
CrzyFooL  +   1245d ago
I want SEGA to make consoles again... :-\
BlackjackCF  +   1245d ago
As much as I hate to admit it, mobile tech is the way to go.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1245d ago
Nice joke.
sandman224  +   1245d ago
I'm very disappointed with Microsoft. They are holding out on us with a new console. That's why we need to boycot them. Do not purchase an Xbox. We need to give them a reason to release there next console sooner than 2014
catfrog  +   1245d ago
microsoft is differentiating itself, they seem to be going the kinect route, havnt you noticed that they arent releasing controller based games much anymore?
Edward75  +   1245d ago
@ catfrog notice in this article when said that Sony is trying to work on tech similar to kinect.

This is like the fourth, maybe fifth article (coming from different sources/sites) that have reported this.
It makes sense. Money is one of, if not THE biggest reason for making games. Sony will attempt to cash in on that aspect a bit.

I long for the days again when the battles were easy to see where the lines were drawn.... Back in the days the good old Nintendo VS Sega!
Hicken  +   1245d ago
The difference is FOCUS. It's just like with the Move. The Move is not a FOCUS of Sony, despite it being largely aimed at the same people who would buy a Wii or a Kinect.

But Sony's FOCUS has been the same since the start: core gaming experiences. It's something they've carried over and doubled up on since last generation, and since that's where the majority of their money is coming from(that thing everybody acknowledges they're after), that's where they'll keep their FOCUS.

I think the difference between Sony and Microsoft is pretty well-defined. At least, for those who care to look. There are plenty of people who don't; for them, there will never be a difference. But anybody who'd want to know the difference between Sony and Microsoft wouldn't have to look very hard to see it.
Edward75  +   1245d ago
First time I agree with you hicken. That core gaming experience is a strong focal point for Sony. And as a gamer I appreciate it. It is why I bought a vita. (it's like the core gaming of handhelds)

I am just worried that the core gaming way won't get the revenue that Sony wants. It will keep people like us interested in their products. But in a way that doesn't cut it anymore. Nintendo made a killing with leaving core gamers. Then MS got a share with kinect. Many leave the core gaming group as they get married, get more responsibility on their jobs, or have kids. It happens. I would love to spend 40+ hours of gaming a week like I use to. To reach more people and increase profits it's kinda necessary to devote some time and resources to the casuals as I like to call them. Gaming is changing that way, and sadly I think Sony has to jump on board a bit to compete. I don't want them to, but in a way it's adapt or die.
Vagrant  +   1245d ago
The last console I owned was an N64. I'm a bit behind the times :p
Tenkay23  +   1245d ago
Jesus Christ. Any human being with average intelligence and education knew the Wii U was Nintendo's new console that they announced they woud reveal before E3. Getting sick of hearing ppl saying "I thought it was a Wii extension 0_o!" trollface.gif

Microsoft is not abandoning the core gamers. They are using the Kinect and profitable 360 to steal the casuals from the wii while they prep the 720 for the core gamers th at bought the 360 before Kinect.

Sony.....I don't know wtf Sony is doing besides bleeding money.
smashcrashbash  +   1245d ago
Whatever helps you sleep at night. The only thing Nintendo and Microsoft are doing are jogging in place with Nintendo digging up the past whenever they can and Microsoft's pale attempt to sell crappy, below average games to casuals and become a shooter magnet. Sony is the only one who seems interested in giving us games that have any variation to them and to give us games and not gimmicks and excuses.

Microsoft doesn't even take risks anymore with games unless they are indie games. You think Microsoft is prepping the next Xbox for the core gamer? Who told you that? Or is that just more 'Microsoft loves me' fanboy BS.Sony has more then enough studios to make next gen games for them while Microsoft still has to beg and pay for exclusivity from third parties.

They can't keep the 'my games look slightly better' garbage up next gen with Wii and the next PlayStation console most likely closer in power and Microsoft is still without studios to make games for them personally and will have to share just about every game with the Wii U and PS4. Remember when Sega and Nintendo were so confident that they could stand up against Sony and they brought them down. Well fortunately Nintendo and Microsoft aren't fanboys and know Sony is still a threat to them and won't give in to over confidence. Business industries are dynamic in nature and will not always go as you think. That is why they are the corporations and you are just the guy posting on a website.
mike1up  +   1244d ago
I love how you posted all of that in a reply, and only the last 2 sentences are responding to what he actually said about Sony.
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Disccordia  +   1244d ago
MS have more studios than Sony. most of them are new and working on next gen titles. I think MS focus is on the long term but subsequently have forgotten about the short term.
Tenkay23  +   1244d ago
I own all 3 consoles buddy. I'm saying I don't know what sony is planning to do with the PS4. Go crazy tech (599.99 USD crazy) or focus more on a modest power Jump and focus on games.

Btw sony first party games sell like crap compared to Nintendo first party.

Microsoft doesn't have too many first party games but they make money off of the third party games (which says something about what devs think about M$)

Don't start flaming me just because I said something u don't agree with. You came off as immature and ignorant since I am a fan of all 3.
Asgaro  +   1244d ago
I think we have enough differentiation between Sony and MS:

Sony cares about the core gamers and has lots of exclusives for everyone's taste.
MS has lost track because they put too much effort in Kinect + casual games. They also have too much advertisement shit on their Dashboard.
steve30x  +   1244d ago
The only thing Nintendo keep doing is regurgitating the Same Mario , Sonic and all other games they have been making since they began.
mike1up  +   1244d ago
The only thing that Sony is doing is... well nevermind, I am sure that you will play Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale soon enough.

Nintendo doesn't make Sonic.
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steve30x  +   1244d ago
Nope. I havent played any of those games. I have been playing the only game that I like on the PS3 that Sony keep regurgitating is Gran Turismo.
Devinchi33  +   1244d ago
Please explain to me how Mario Galaxy, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, and Paper Mario are the same. The only similarity is the fact that they use Mario characters, and for good reason. The name Mario sells. Strip Mario out of all these games and add completely new characters, and nothing has changed. The core mechanics and gameplay that makes these Mario games so fun to play are still there.

The problem with you Nintendo haters is that you look at that list and see 5 Mario games, when in reality I listed a 2D platformer, 3D platformer, sports game, kart racer, and an RPG. That's 5 unique games if you ask me.
prettyboy12  +   1244d ago
yet the iphone and all apple products are all the same with a few new features and people continue to eat it up.

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