Custom Firmware 3.80 M33 Not Coming Today

We've been getting reports that, despite the announcement yesterday from Mathieulh, Dark AleX and the rest of Team M33 will not be able to release CFW PSP 3.80 M33 on time.

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TheMART3991d ago

Don't mind that much. PSP Radio homebrew is running on my 3.71 m33 so 3.80 shout radio can go up Ken's ars! :P

fury3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

I can wait...and while I wait...I started playing Jeanne d'Arc on PSP today. It's a really great game i can recommend it to all PSP owners out there.

FamilyGuy3991d ago

I actually think they should skip this one because it seems like 4.0 might be out soon. *Added Dvix support :D

mikeslemonade3991d ago

Whatever custom firmware I have I can no longer play emulators games, so I hope 3.8 fixes that. I know there's this kernal update but that's too confusing.

Squeezle3991d ago

Though I have been waiting for this update, It's really not a big deal that they are taking more time. After all, they are doing this on their own time for the benefit of us all. Plus DAX is the best so I trust that he'll do it right!

Edit: Oops, this wasn't supposed to be a reply.

TheMART3991d ago

You can't play emu's?

I am on a Slim ceramic white PSP with 3.71 m33-4 and running N64, SNES, Neo Geo, MSX 1&2, Amiga 500 etc. etc. etc....

mikeslemonade3991d ago

They were working fine on 3.71 m33, but I went to 3.72 HX and they don't work anymore.

TheMART3991d ago

You should never leave the Dark side ;-)

m33 is the way to go. Other firmwares are fun but not as complete and good. Simple as that.

mikeslemonade3991d ago

Oh well the best part of custom firmware is playing isos off the memory stick and the other things are just icing on the cake. For me I only used the emulators to play FF7 and the emulators were just to have knowing that I could play them, but I would never play them anyway.

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gta_cb3991d ago

i havnt updated my custom firmware for a while, so i will be wanting this as soon as its released :p

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