Microsoft’s $99 Subsidized Xbox 360, Blunder Or Brilliant?

One of the worst kept secrets has finally come into the light today, Microsoft has announced that it has indeed launched a subsidized Xbox 360 bundled with Kinect for $99. The catch is that you have to sign a two year contract that will require you to pay $15 a month for Xbox Live Gold Membership. The deal itself comes out to be around $40 more in the long run, but its spread out over the course of two years. So depending on your income, this could potentially be a great deal, because the cost up front for an Xbox 360 with a Kinect and a year of Xbox Live would be $360 plus tax. Some people might look at only paying $99 up front as a steal.

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NYC_Gamer2203d ago

MS is a company like any other that looks for ways to collect profit from every corner

Hicken2203d ago

It's great for Microsoft, but not so good for us gamers. Someone else mentioned it in another article, but how long before they put out a system at a price people DEFINITELY don't want to pay, but have a seemingly more affordable subsidized system that locks people in for X amount of years, or forces them to pay an exorbitant cancellation fee to get out of the contract? It would be a win/win for Microsoft, and a lose/lose for gamers.

Hufandpuf2203d ago

It's not "bad" but it's also not the better option.

-Doctor-BD2203d ago

I think this kills the chance of a 360 price cut at E3.

Morgue2203d ago

It's like renting a 360 from Aaron's or Rent A Center.

Rip off

But like they say. " there's a sucker born every minute "