GameInformer: The Challenge Of Elder Scrolls Online: An Interview With The Creative Director

Paul Sage is working on his dream project. As a rabid fan of the Elder Scrolls series, Paul finally has a chance to help craft the land of Tamriel. The only downside is that every other fan of the series is eager to critique his work. Game Informer's Adam Biessener sat down with Paul Sage to talk about his past, how he plans to convert the Elder Scrolls that everybody knows and loves into an MMO, and how he plans on luring fans of the series into the competitive world of player versus player.

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NYC_Gamer2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I doubt ES;Online would last long within the world of monthly MMOs....Bethesda should go the F2p route...

MilkMan2141d ago

Wow! Elder Scrolls Online..The greatest game I could care less about. Let me find another article.