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Leak Spills Tidbits About Sony’s Next Killzone Game

Sony Computer Entertainment is recording a teaser for a future Killzone game, a source tells Siliconera. The upcoming title takes place after the events of Killzone 3. (Killzone, PS Vita, PS3)

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Ken22  +   1178d ago
All i ask for is.
1.KZ2 gameplay
2.KZ2 lobby matchmaking
3.Don't cater to the little 12 year olds.
KwietStorm  +   1178d ago
Nothing more to see here. Keep it moving everyone.
pixelsword  +   1178d ago

Pretty much.

Except I wanna play as the heavy, I want the regular soldier back, and I want the regular soldier to exclusively be able to take cover for MP games.
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sikbeta  +   1178d ago
Hmmm... thought next in the franchise would be VitaZone :P
EeJLP-  +   1178d ago
@Ken22 and Agrees
KZ2 (and 3) MP seemed to 'cater to the little 12 year olds' already, so I don't get your point. Turrets killing for you, air support killing for you, 1hit bodyshot sniper while being invisible, enemies shown as teammates, running around at 80mph, etc.

KZ2 matchmaking? Yea, because custom Ranked boosting lobbies are a good thing. /s
awesomeperson  +   1178d ago

I don't agree the KZ2 caters to the little 12 year olds, while there are turrets and air support, these were easily combated.

Each class offered different advantages and disadvantages that had to be weighed up, and the sniper wasn't as huge of a deal in KZ2 and it was in KZ3 (that was a tad overpowered, especially when given an assault rifle).

I thought KZ2 was A LOT of fun, and the multiplayer generally had a steeper learning curve and was harder to truly get good at than many other multiplayer games at the time on the PS3.

KZ3 certainly felt like an easier learning curve, and was easier to master in general.
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Kleptic  +   1178d ago

one of the toughest ribbons in the game was getting the 5 turret kills in a round or whatever...those things where worthless in KZ2...

KZ2 DEFINITELY had some balls, and went against the grain of most modern competitive multiplayer games...it did an incredible job of balancing team based tactics, while still allowing you to be very effective on your own...Where in CoD, you don't EVER need a team mate...and BF3 random team mates will often ruin the experience...KZ2 fell safely in the middle, something no other title has done this generation imo...it was straight forward with a limited hud, no flashing points every single time you did anything...no big old 'you killed XXXXXX' after every kill...It was a shooter that didn't cater to the ADHD crowd that plagues multiplayer games any more...and it was written off quickly because of that...

the boosting lobbies was a little lame, but that was an area that the game was behind in anyway... persistence was entirely lacking, you could hit max rank in just a few hours (they did patch in 3 extra ranks, but they were completely arbitrary)...so the handgun boosting lobbies, etc, didn't really accomplish anything but some trophies...

the sniper rifle, even being a OHK on everything...was still ok imo...no hip fire accuracy, no prone, and some pretty wonky aiming mechanics with it...didn't make snipers half the problem they are in other titles...even the big bad 'invisible' thing was limited to only when standing perfectly still, when not firing, and when someone hadn't centered you on screen to highlight your position...

KZ3...that sucked imo...as it turned back on everything that made kz2 great to many of us...and i didn't even bother with it...
EeJLP-  +   1177d ago
"one of the toughest ribbons in the game was getting the 5 turret kills in a round or whatever...those things where worthless in KZ2"

It could be hard, depending where you put them, who you're playing, and how long the match is. But it's not too hard if you consider matches can be hours long. It could be 7? rounds in a match and up to 30 minutes each. Not too hard to get 5 in two-three and a half hours. Also not too hard if you have them near objectives the enemy will likely be distracted by. They also can also randomly headshot the shi out of people sometimes.

I agree with what you said about the points popping up all over the place wasn't a good addition in 3.

Overall I still don't consider either KZ good or competitive at all. Obviously some will master the gameplay over others, but that doesn't necessarily make them good. It just makes them better at being noobs than others. 1hit body shots do not equal good. Neither does the CPU [turrets & air support] killing, assisting kills, distracting, giving up your position, slowing enemies and wasting their ammo. Neither does being invisible or running around at 5-10x normal speed. Etc.
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fucadastates  +   1178d ago
agree with ken22. but to play as the helgast would be +!
Regent_of_the_Mask  +   1178d ago
KZ2 gameplay? No thanks. I'd rather have KZ3 gameplay as the controls didn't feel so stiff and the cover system was much more fluid.
cpayne93  +   1178d ago
Killzone 3 had less input lag, which was good, but the guns felt less weighty and there seemed to be less difference in recoil. I agree on the cover system though.

Edit: @Frankfurt below, metacritic and my love of both Resistance and Killzone says otherwise.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1178d ago
KZ3's controls were good as it eliminated the input lag, but other than that KZ2's gameplay was better.

I want KZ3's controls with KZ2's gunplay. That will be perfect imo.
k-dillinger  +   1178d ago

me and you both kz2 was damn near unplayable online with those controls if ya'll wanna play that go hop on kz2
RonRico  +   1178d ago
they had to release a patch for KZ2 because of the controls. Loved that game but come on, the controles were kinda lacking.
trenso1  +   1178d ago
beat me to the comment agree 100%!
cannon8800  +   1178d ago
"Duty, Obedience, and Loyalty" are the three virtues of the Helghast Triad. Our source says, these lines were written for a woman, who has ties to a Helghan Autarch. We’re speculating here, but the speaker might be Aurarch Visari’s daughter. Our source wouldn’t comment if this is tied to the upcoming Killzone game for PlayStation Vita.

How do they know these things?

What kind of witchcraft is this?
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Monolith  +   1178d ago
Hilariousness I tell you!
NarooN  +   1178d ago
I've known that since 2004. Talking with the dev team who used to post on the official forums since 2005, and reading the backstory on the website, you could learn a lot.
GraveLord  +   1178d ago
If KZ3 catered to the 12-year olds, it would have sold more.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1178d ago
No. It did cater to 12-year olds. They just bought Call of Duty instead. Which is why there is no point in trying to cater to the CoD crowd. Just make your own game.
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pixelsword  +   1178d ago
@ outside_ofthe_box

You got that right:

Star Wars VI-IV was it's own movie

Episode I catered to the kids, which was like being raped by lobsters.

Episode II-III tried to catered to everyone, which is why it also could not stand with a movie twenty years older than itself.

CoD is the Jar-Jar of gaming.
RonRico  +   1178d ago
2 advanced for 12yr olds
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Eyeco  +   1178d ago
im gonna ask for 3 things

1. FEATURES for god sake give us some content, Killzone 2-3 were just the complete barebones of FPS if your trying to compete with halo , BF and cod as the king of fps give the gamer a cd jam packed with FEATURES e.g. veichals in multiplayer, survival modes, more maps cinema mode, i know MW3 is an abortion of a game but damn it gives you your moneys worth .

2. A decent story , with good writing thats at least 8 hours Killzone 2-3 could be beat in one sitting, allot of people dont know about this but Killzone 1 actually had a pretty decent story and the campaign was pretty good to, with some excellent level design and it lasted a decent 8 hours with allot of replay value.

3. KZ2 looking back was a pretty great game the problems that i had with it , was it didnt know wether it was a tactical shooter or a lame cod arcade shooter, i think if guerilla games focused on a more tactical game it could really stand out among shooters especially with its hard sci-fi setting.
Killzone 3 went for the shallow cod arcade gameplay, in fact Killzone 3 just felt like a rip off from COD e.g. the stealth missions made me lool they just screamed COD 4
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AdmiralSnake  +   1178d ago
Agreed, Killzone never had much features, which is indeed SAD.

Like how the hell all maps isn't playable in GW mode ? It's so stupid, which is why I never bought it sad to say, and KZ2 is one of my fav games of this generation.

Sad to say I skip KZ3, might buy KZ4 if it stays true to the Killzone 2 GP, but do enhance their multiplayer features.
dboyc310  +   1178d ago
IMO they need better acting. Killzone 3 acting was disappointing IMO.
Slugg3r  +   1178d ago
Voice acting was done by very good actors, atleast when it comes to bad guys. It is the writing that really needs improvement.
j-blaze  +   1178d ago
and better characters, i mean i don't want this guy to be part in this game http://psfocus.nl/_images/o... 一_一
....instead i want Jammer to have a bigger role this time.

also, i think Sony should stop waste their money on shooters since CoD series does it all and sells high on their console, i really want them to give us a proper AAA RPG or a survival horror game "oh no, TLoU is not a survival horror, confirmed by ND"
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showtimefolks  +   1178d ago
you know killzone and resistance 2 were the only online fps i played and since than i have not played anything else. I would buy KZ4 day on but they don't need to cater to COD fans and be loyal to your KZ fans who supported KZ2 and KZ3
MrMister  +   1178d ago
Do we need another 1st person shooter? I own Killzone already, but do we need a 4th one this soon? I'm not sick of action games, i'm just sick of 1st person. I own so many FPS's that the thought of buying another one makes me sick. I wish they would use the talent at Guerilla to make a new IP with a different way of playing.
Games4M - Rob  +   1178d ago
I need a fourth one to try and help me get over how shit the 3rd one was.
Gamer3000  +   1178d ago
Sh1t!! sony can't you keep a secret till E3 ??!!
anyway can't wait for KZ4
DeadlyFire  +   1178d ago
Noone can keep a big secret. Someone hears it and runs instantly to the internet.
ritsuka666  +   1178d ago
Yeha, Killzone 3 is one bigest disapointg compared Killzone 2 =/
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tigertron  +   1178d ago
Basically, KZ2 for the Vita.

Killzone 2 is by far the best in the series in terms of gameplay, multiplayer, graphics. Everything really, except mechs.
KwietStorm  +   1177d ago
Why is it that I agreed with you, but I get all the disagrees..
Nes_Daze  +   1174d ago
Yes, don't cater to the Call of duty fans...please.
OllieBoy  +   1178d ago
It's probably the Vita version, set to be shown at E3.
LOL_WUT  +   1178d ago
This pretty much its going to be a Killzone game for the Vita, KZ4 should be a PS4 title.
belal  +   1178d ago
hoping for kz4 !
NastyLeftHook0  +   1178d ago
hoping kz4 is on ps4.
F7U12  +   1178d ago
Hoping for KZ4 on the PS4 at 1080p with a solid 60FPS.
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pixelsword  +   1178d ago
Hoping for KZ4 on the PS3 at 1080p with a solid 60FPS.
STONEY4  +   1178d ago
Hoping for KZ4 on the PS2 at 1080p with a solid 60FPS.
DarkVegaShadow  +   1178d ago
Hoping for KZ4 on the ps1 at 4k with a solid 120FPS
NewVegasTroop  +   1178d ago
Hoping for KZ4 on the atari 2600 at 1080p with a solid 60FPS.

surely someone was going to ruin it sooner or later xD
NarooN  +   1178d ago
Hoping for KZ4 on the Pocketstation at 1080p with a solid 60FPS.

(Yeah, I went there.)
Braid  +   1178d ago
Hoping for KZ4 with its full glory on the friggin Xbox 360!

Hah, you can't get any more absurd than that. I win.
F7U12  +   1178d ago
what you did there
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SubZeroMaster  +   1178d ago
F7U12  +   1178d ago
Nope I replied to the OP outside of the other replies so the line may continue. I break nothing!
DeadlyFire  +   1178d ago
KZ4 next gen teaser like KILLZONE 2 next-gen teaser only more impressive than that. :P

My hope anyway. IF they do that though they will need to put BC in first few waves of PS4 since they just announced a few PS3 titles for next year.
neutralgamer19  +   1178d ago
Ken 22 i agree Kz2 was so much better in so many respects. Kz3 felt so arcady and generic. So much so that i probably played triple the time on mp on kz2, then i did on kz3.
Whitefeather  +   1178d ago
Can never have enough Killzone.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1178d ago
love dem helghast.
Hicken  +   1178d ago
It's funny how many people don't realize that the Helghast and the planet Helghan are the main characters, not Rico and the rest of the ISA.

I mean, what other franchise has ONLY the antagonists on the cover of their games? Are they the bad guys? Sure. But they're badass, and everybody wants to play them, despite what some fool said in a post a few days ago.
cpayne93  +   1178d ago
ISA are pretty forgettable, but the Helghast are awesome.
pixelsword  +   1178d ago
If they brought back concepts from the first Killzone like Heavy gunners/ISA regulars, Field Operatives, Shadow Marshals, and First Responders along with dynamic switching of characters between episodes (and alternate dialogue/cutscenes), The ISA would be as good as they were in the first Killzone.
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hasj1990  +   1178d ago
Hopefully its on earth this time.
eyeDEVOUR  +   1178d ago
i agree... we need a change of scenery and id like to shut ppl up about the whole color pallet thing.
ChunkyLover53  +   1178d ago
It'd be about due, I think the Killzone games are on a two year cycle. I honestly am starting to think we wont see a PS4 or Xbox 720 until early 2014. If we don't see or hear something on those consoles at this years E3, I think its a safe bet that we are looking at an even longer wait.

Throw in the fact that heavy hitters like Killzone, Halo and Last Of Us are still slated for current generation, its easy to assume new consoles are still a ways off.
DeadlyFire  +   1178d ago
Unless Backwards Compatibility is coming as well.
ChunkyLover53  +   1178d ago
Well if the rumors are true about Sony abandoning the Cell, they wont have backwards compatibility in the PS4.

Also, with the news that EA is only investing a meager 80 million in next generation for all of 2013, I think its clear we aren't going to see new consoles when we expected.

It takes time to develop new engines and tech, so if these companies are just now starting to do this and get dev kits, you are looking at a couple year wait....at least.
DeadlyFire  +   1178d ago
True it does take time to build new engines and all of that. Developers have been at work on engines before they even knew what specs to set them to for next gen consoles.

Frostbite 2 is already Next-Gen ready really. EA doesn't need to invest a whole lot of money into it. They could just tweak and scale it around the new tech.

Its not impossible to throw a Cell CPU in PS4 or SoC like design? Cell is set to reach 32nm chip by 2012/2013. There is also Cell+RSX on same die by end 2013. So its possible that chip could be put into PS4 if true.
Cajun Chicken  +   1178d ago
I want that wild gun that makes people violently combust again. It's kind of like Killzone's BFG.
Drainage  +   1178d ago
hopefully this one doesnt suck like Killzone3. Gosh that was pathetic. No custom matches, options, ANYTHING. no private matches either and a broken clan system with unbalanced broken spawn system
Frankfurt  +   1178d ago
Killzone's a B-tier series that Sony pretends it's worthwhile. Just like Resistance and SOCOM. Let it die.
pwnmaster3000  +   1178d ago
Ay b is still good man. I use to be very happy when I get B's In school. Happier with A but B did just fine lol
ginsunuva  +   1178d ago
Why is Frankfurt still on this site? Aren't you supposed to make a new trolling account by now?
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1178d ago
Killzone is good. The only down fall was Killzone 3.

The funny thing about you though is you most likely never touched a Killzone, Resistance, or Socom game in your life.
SneeringImperialist  +   1178d ago
Have you actually played any of those games you troll?
Silly gameAr  +   1178d ago
I'll answer for him. No. Doubt he has a PS3 to play them on.
Father Murder X  +   1178d ago
They need to let this series die. Killzone 3 was horrendous. You all know it too.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1178d ago
Killzone 3 was bad, but Killzone 2 was good. Killzone 2 is the best tactical shooter on consoles this gen.
Kingdom Come  +   1178d ago
Best Tactical Shooter this Gen?

Not sure if serious.
Perjoss  +   1177d ago
Not serious for sure
fatboyfsx  +   1178d ago
KZ2 and 3 are both amazing games. I will admit they seemed to have ran out of time for KZ3 (probably due to the move and 3D stuff being added) but it is still badass. The patches fixed lots of stuff wimpy ass complainers were complaining about and it plays excellent. I will admit I miss some stuff in KZ2, mostly the maps, but I enjoy KZ3 a little bit more overall mainly because the controls aren't laggy. Bring on KZ4
archemides518  +   1178d ago
killzone 3 was total garbage, killzone 2 is still as far as i'm concerned the apex of this gen graphically. i was playing it a couple days ago and it looks like it could be a PS4 title. call of duty is nothing visually compared to it.
Pintheshadows  +   1178d ago
I hope there are more large scale battles this time around with bigger environments.
MrDead  +   1178d ago
I must be one of the few people that loved Killzone 1,2 & 3 they just remind me of the classic 1980's action movie and I love 80's action movies.
Neoprime  +   1178d ago
No your not the only one, I own them all(including Liberation).
DarkBlood  +   1178d ago
i sort of see your point, its almost like a modern movie with a 80s feel to it right?
MrDead  +   1178d ago
80's action movies where the only resolution to a problem is to use lots of guns and explosives and just enough story to justify the action. Who needs clever words when you have a multi firing heat-seeking rocket launcher.

Edit: Also how awesome are the Helghast, the Killzone devs have made one of the most amazing iconic bad guys.
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DarkBlood  +   1178d ago
ah kind of like commando then, daughter gets taken, kills everyone on sight pretty much :P lol
Pintheshadows  +   1178d ago
I watched a making of where Guerilla quoted Paul Verhoeven as one of their influences and it definately comes across.

I hope they hire a better dialogue writer this time round though who can instill a bit more personality into the ISA characters. The Helghast are executed well in this respect but the ISA are just a bit dull.

They should take influence from something like Platoon.
chukamachine  +   1178d ago
Nothing wrong with having weighty guns, but that wasn't the reason,lol.

Input lag killed kz2, physics were awesome. Some nice team gameplay. But the lag pulled me out of it.

KZ3 was much faster, and played well, but some of the maps were meh tbh. Way to much filters on the screen.

Hopefully KZ4 will be for PS4 and much better gameplay and look wise.
fatboyfsx  +   1178d ago
One of my main gripes with KZ3 is how they split the maps up for different modes. There are some awesome maps in warzone that aren't in GW and some sick maps in GW that aren't in warzone, unfortunately it seems like they ran out of development time. Still an amazing game though.
SageHonor  +   1178d ago
blackblades  +   1178d ago
Hope its for ps4 cause I haven't played KZ3 yet, I also hope uncharted 4 and all the other sequels goes to PS4.
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1178d ago
I'm tired of playing the boring ass Vektans.

For once let us play some interesting characters, not generic soldiers personality #565435.
garos82  +   1178d ago
hope story improves, same great gameplay as 2 even though i did enjoy 3. and also move controls which i think is a given. see ya online bitches :)

edit: the most important thing i want is a helghast campaign. death to the ISA
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cedaridge  +   1178d ago
I utter the same words, "KILLZONE 4 on PS4". 1080p at 240hz in 3D with 7.1 surround sound(DTS)? works for me!!!!
ZILLA  +   1178d ago
Say what you will about K Z 3 noobs but the online is...MADNESS!Ever since i tryed the online demo ive not stopped playing.its so awsome i havent played BF3 or MW3 in weeks.best 15 bucks i EVER spent!
fatboyfsx  +   1178d ago
It's pretty cool, everyone I've talked to that got the MP-only version of KZ3 through PSN has had nothing but good things to say about it and has been playing nonstop like you. Glad you are having fun, and yea that is an amazing deal seeing as the maps alone are $10, so you are basically paying $5 for the MP mode.
bebojet  +   1178d ago
I don't care if it's a KZ spinoff or KZ4. I just want them to better support for Operations.
jjb1981  +   1178d ago
I am just interested to see what an in-house developer with a Vita SDK can do with its power. GG did a great job utilizing PS3 grapic capabilities. I hope they do the same for Vita.
mayberry  +   1178d ago
Imagine if killzone 1/2 never existed, if it were true, people would be touting killzone 3 as the superior game it is, imho. I have the same issues most people also have, but I look at it as if killzone 2 is a separate game. I think that if killzone 3 were on another system, it would be better recieved. killzone 3 is boss!
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1178d ago
That's the burden of a sequel.

KZ3 is utter trash compared to KZ2, but is a decent game if you look at it on it's own.
mayberry  +   1178d ago
Thanks for "getting" my point! I just hate to hear "gamers" say killzone 3 is "utter trash" when it most definitly is not! show me a shooter this gen that has true 7.1 surround with an all original great musical score, and great war sound! all in 3D to boot! plus the online is great! on its own if it were multi-plat, would be devastating the shooter market! imho.
#24.1.1 (Edited 1178d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
ritsuka666  +   1178d ago
Killzone 2 still an absolute the best game in the francishe, Killzone 3 was a disappointment for us hardcore Killzone fans. KZ2 fans know that with the 3 installment of the series, they got a bastardized game that was trying too hard to imitate leading franchises of the genre =/
#24.1.2 (Edited 1178d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report
TheDivine  +   1178d ago
I love the KZ series. I was hooked when i played the 1st one back on ps2. 3 was great but it felt about half as long as the 1st and second. They need to make sure its longer than 5 hrs. It also needs to catch up to stuff like halo and gears which have had co-op and extra modes for the past 3 games. KZ3 finally added co-op but it was only 2 player locally with 2 small boxes on screen. Make it a full split and add online. Add a survival mode for 4 players. Keep bots its one of the best things about the mp. Do that and the series might have a shot at really competing with the big boys like cod and halo.

It would be nice to return to vekta or have the war brought to earth. Im super pumped though, cant wait for kz4 and really cant wait for the vita kz. Hope we get that kz ps2 release on psn or maybe remastered for the vita.
sly-Famous  +   1178d ago
I wont even call this a rumor, I would say this is 100% true because if Sony has taught us one thing, it is that they suck at keeping secrets, which I am glad for.
Young_ART  +   1178d ago
I will say this again. For the millionth time, there is no point in trying to attract COD gamers because IF you even get them to purchase your game, they will be back on COD by the end of that year. So in conclusion you've turned your back on your core fans (the ones who actually supported you) by releasing a game that catered towards a fanbase that are no longer/never were interested in your game.

A perfect example is Zipper Interactive. They turned their backs on the people who've made them last as long as they did, and now they are looking for new jobs.

People tend to talk bad about KZ2, and I agree it had it's problem, but the game was still amazing even with them. Instead of just fixing the problems and building off the unique formula, they fell for the trap and tried to satisfy the ones who don't even really play killzone smh.
Agent_hitman  +   1178d ago
Somebody commented and said that he wants Killzone 4 to have solid 60fps at 1080p native resolution.. I say that's bullsh!t, cause even console's processing power these days can't render that lol... Probably in next generation it would be possible
#28 (Edited 1178d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
OooHJohnny  +   1177d ago
I just want dedicated servers back.
pupa  +   1177d ago
Who cares about all the whimps, just bring KZ4+ on. The sooner the better!
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