Leaked Blockbuster Wii U list "entirely speculated by the sales team"

Nintendo Universe writes:

A former Blockbuster store manager has debunked a leaked list of Wii U software currently doing the rounds.

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2EHO2079d ago

I call BS. Come on... The sales team sat around and came up with all these names off the top of their head. This is just a cover up statement so nintendo don't send the ninjas for their major F/U.

Primal Rex2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

I just wish they would announce something worth while i wont to get a wii u i trully do but so far nothing but super mario mii and pikmin 3 stand out and there not officially announce come on weres metroid prime 4 and Mario Galaxy 3 maybe this is expecting to much but this is a new console release in a economic climate like this one you have to give reasons to buy your product

CaptainN2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

While this could be true,it would be a good marketing startegy to get extra revenue into your store.........if the customers actually knew about what games they could pre-order. If this list is in the computer for employees to see, how would any customers say "oh I want to put a pre order on Splinter Cell 6", when they would have no idea the game is even in existence, especially for that platform?

Khordchange2079d ago

guys its a speculation, of course its not true lol.

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