God of War 4 – Ascension: Is multiplayer the new hook?

[Generation Eight] I consider myself a diehard fan of the GOW series. Since GOW1, I had waited impatiently on any news of the successors, and grabbed them as soon as they launched. Needless to say, all of them far exceeded my expectations. This series with its epic adventure, littered with awe inspiring “Titan moments’ – artistic and creative endeavours of enormous proportions – will always be one of my favourites.

Shockingly though, when I first heard rumours about GOW4, I was not at all excited. Not in the slightest bit. Even the trailer, despite having the trade mark GOW flair, nostalgic artwork and narration, could not rile me.

What could they add that was really anything different or new? Well the solution Santa Monica came up with was simple – add MULTIPLAYER.

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chobit_A5HL3Y2022d ago

looks and sounds like fun to me :3

Rhezin2022d ago

Ugh. Screw Multiplayer! Save it for games that have mastered it like Starhawk and Starcraft and Halo. NOT FOR GOD OF WAR DAMMIT.

Captain Qwark 92022d ago

I agree. use those resources toward improving the single player campaign even more.

and i know people are going to come back with the "its an option, dont like it don't play it" argument. and while they are not entirely wrong, the problem lies with this.....even if they add multi player, unless its just co-op through the levels, chances are nobody is going to play it. it wont be as good as say cod or halo so nobody is going to stop playing those to play this so why bother? again, take those resources and instead of pouring them into a mediocre at best mode, use them to make the sp even more epic.

StanLee2022d ago

You can't knock something you haven't played or experienced for yourself. It may work great or it may fail but I find the criticism of it, when we haven't even tried it, a bit stupid and immature.

asmith23062022d ago

As a huge GOW fan I can see your concern but I am willing to give this a chance... as long as it doesn't affect the single player aspect. Also, it's Santa Monica, I have faith in them. Let's wait until we see more.

DigitalAnalog2022d ago

And yet we would not even give a benefit of a doubt for GOW?

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Wintersun6162022d ago

I don't think you should call it God of War 4.. It's like calling GTA: Vice City GTA4.

Ken222022d ago

Umm it's not called GOW4 i don't even know why the author has GOW4 in the title.