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Submitted by doctorstrange 1376d ago | opinion piece

PS3 Features That Will (and Won’t) Make it to the PlayStation 4

With the PlayStation 4, Orbis (or whatever the heck you want to call it) looming on the horizon, there’s been a lot of speculation regarding what we’ll see from Sony and their new box. The PlayStation 3 has brought a number of new features – for better or worse – into the fray since its launch in 2006, and we can’t help but wonder which will make the cut for Sony’s next console. As such, Alex Osborn and Sebastian Moss have put together a list of some of the PS3′s most noteworthy features and broken down whether or not we think Sony will bring them to the next proper PlayStation. - PSLS (Next-Gen, PlayStation Home, PS3, Tag Invalid)

cervantes240  +   1376d ago
I hope Remote Play is integrated into PS4 and gets more support with Vita than PS3 saw with PSP.
dbjj12088  +   1376d ago
Remote play is one of those features that could really put Sony ahead of the other console manufacturers.
ftwrthtx  +   1376d ago
Remote play needs to work as advertised
alexcosborn  +   1376d ago
It will be interesting to see what Sony actually has planned for the next gen
Emilio_Estevez  +   1376d ago
I think Home might make it, they've always said it makes money and in the end that's what it's all about.
kneon  +   1376d ago
I can't see it going away, the numbers are there to support it both from a financial perspective as well as popularity. While I rarely use it there are millions that do on a regular basis.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1376d ago
Even if nothing is changed at all, why not just keep it. It's not like it could hurt.
kneon  +   1376d ago
Well it's not going to be that simple. Going to the PS4 people will expect an upgraded Home, just delivering the same old thing isn't going to look good.
MrMister  +   1375d ago
yeah and even if the graphics are the same, people wont care since it's a free service.
Y_5150  +   1376d ago
In some form PlayStation Home has to be in the PS4. It advertises products and it makes money!
sloth3395  +   1376d ago
since its an opinion shouldnt the title be features that should and shouldn't make it not that will and won't
dragon82  +   1376d ago

This whole article seems pointless to me.
european_cannon  +   1376d ago
It is pointless. But, it's a PS4 "opinion piece" from a PS only site, submitted to a "news" aggregated site heavily read by PS fans. Add all that together and you get a lot of hits writing, basically what you were thinking taking your morning shit.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1376d ago
Home is one of the most profitable things Sony has ever made.

What an idiot.
KwietStorm  +   1376d ago
Do you know that for a fact?
KwietStorm  +   1376d ago
Disagrees for asking a question?
llMurcielagoll  +   1376d ago
The only explanation I can think of that people may have miss-interpreted your question as possibly rhetorical or trolling or whatever.
MrMister  +   1375d ago
bubbles for u my friend
ChiVoLok0  +   1376d ago
I think instead of making articles with stupid assumptions they should make ones with facts.
alexcosborn  +   1376d ago
It's a speculation piece.

If facts are what you seek, then news articles are probably your best bet.
MysticStrummer  +   1376d ago
Should be called "We Argue Pointlessly About Possible PS4 Features". Home on PS4 is a virtual certainty. Some form of Move is also. Ditto for PS Plus. BC is up in the air, and since not many games made good use of the Six Axis I'd say that is also.
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Hicken  +   1376d ago
Pretty much everything they said "won't" to will probably be in the PS4.

Home definitely WILL be there, as it's a big money maker.

Remote Play WILL be there, and will most likely improve for the sake of connection between PS4 and the Vita.

The Move WILL be there, as it's still a great device and superb for FPS titles.

SixAxis is a maybe, simple because it hasn't been used much, but it's not like it costs that much to have in the controller, so why not keep it?

Backwards Compatibility WILL be there, as I doubt there'll be that much need for hardware differences- if any- and the PS4 will be using the same optical format.

PS+ definitely WILL be there, and is such a gimme that you wonder why they'd even need to speculate.
alexcosborn  +   1376d ago
Really? You think backwards compatibility will be there? Sure, It may take Blu-ray discs as well, but there's a lot more to it than that.
SneeringImperialist  +   1376d ago
It will be hard for them to include backwards compatibility if they use completely different hardware in the PS4.
joeorc  +   1376d ago
Home not making it for the next playstation?

Home a failure?

Oh brother...that proves with out a shadow of a doubt that this person has no idea how d@mn big Home on playstation is. Im sorry but that same claim about Home going to be scrapped an is a failure has been said by nay sayer's for over 3 d@mn years now and still going on?

i would say many of the same people have not really been back on home for more than a few d@mn min's and call it a failure because they themselves see no point in it.

Here is the thing though, for a so called service that has failed, its gathered more than 22 million users that spend more than a few hours at a time every day, has now over 200+ games that can only be found an played on Playstation Home and more games and items are being released each week an each month of the year. With the PS3 being the only system released with such a social game network for Game consoles that is remotely any thing like playstation Home.

If it was not making Money which networks cost alot to upgrade an maintain, there would not be a playstation Home.

Sony: PlayStation Home A "Huge Success"
Posted July 2, 2010

Speaking to Gamasutra, PlayStation Home director Jack Buser said, "The proof is in the pudding...With numbers like we have, it goes without saying that Home has been a huge success for our company, something that we have been very proud of."

I would say that it is a very good business model for PlayStation, and quite profitable, I might add," Buser said of the micro-transaction model that powers Home. "I like to say it's one of the highest-margin businesses in the games industry."

please note:

"quite profitable"

this was in 2010 and its already 2012.. and the number's in user's an items an games have all grown since then!

growth not decline!
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BitbyDeath  +   1376d ago
The one thing i want carried over is VidZone.
We need moar VidZone!
JBSleek  +   1376d ago
Home should either be improved or it is a failure for next gen. BC is a foregone conclusion they can bank on reselling the games. Move in it's current state shouldn't move on. Sixaxis well why not couldn't hurt. I expect PS+ to he more like Live and features that almost make it a must to have.
leemo19  +   1376d ago
Of course Home will be on the ps4, to say it won't be is stupid. Home has been generating money for almost 3 1/2 years now and to say its complete failure is even more dumb. Home has well over 22mil users as of last year. Lets not forget Home has help pushed some great indie devs such as Ndreams one of the famous Dev on there.

Remote Play of course will be there, but i agree it needs some working on and improvement

Ps Move isn't going anywhere not for awhile. The problem is the Ps Eye that part is true. It has a better wider view than the kinect for sure but it lacks everything else the kinect does. Webcam is very bad and grainy at times.

Six Axis can kick rocks it was pointless do have in the first place. The only two games that actually really took advantage was Lair and Heavy Rain . Plus it would save Sony some money if they don't use it next gen.

BC that's a big ? cause its almost 50/50 with people. If they have it awesome but if they don't that fine its not like all be getting rid of ps3 when ps4 comes out. So ill hook the ps3 up to play the ps3 games.

PS+ just needs improvement not to similar to Live but have more feats you can't use unless you have PS+

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