Why I'm Playing Skyrim...Some More

One More Level writer explains why Skyrim is worth putting hours into.

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Siren302235d ago

I got to level 80 with 1 character and now I've started over playing a different way and still really enjoying it. Skyrim is the kinda of game you can easily play a 100 hours and start over several times and still not be bored.

RedDead2235d ago

If the game itself does not bore you(as it does me), it has alot of replay value.

h311rais3r2235d ago

Im waiting for the realism combat mod :)

brish2235d ago

The first thing I thought of when I read "realism combat mod" was the player running away from dragons, or being instantly eaten by them.

I doubt that is what you had in mind.

Nes_Daze2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Haven't found the interest in finishing this game, and I'm shocked at the fact too. It's just that the quests are so repetitive, and the story has become annoying with the imperials and stormcloaks always complaining and fighting.

I'm at the part now where you have to reach a truce at the table where the Greybeards live, such an annoying quest..>_>

NeoTribe2235d ago

I burnt myself out on skyrim. After 200+ hours I kinda had to stop playing. Fantastic game.