Who Should Be In Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale?

"Kratos and Sweet Tooth are the only really obvious ones. The others are pretty inspired. Sony has a HUGE roster of characters to pick from, and these choices suggest that SuperBot isn’t afraid to dig deep. But who do you want to do battle with? My personal picks follow." - JTM Games

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MrMister1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Me. MistaDonzie should be in it. Hey, maybe I can be a throwable weapon. Or some debris floating aimlessly in space.

But seriously, there are tons of great characters that can be in the game (like Alucard (3rd party), Shrek (a Sony pictures movie character), and other not-so-obvious, yet cool options that are as (or almost as) cool as the obvious types like Kratos or Parrappa). But I wanna ask something about another issue in the game: They need better quality female characters that are WELL KNOWN. My girlfriend would probably love this game, but doesnt wanna be fat princess. See, Smash Bros has Samus, Zelda, etc (my memory sucks)...

Yet PSASBR has Fat Princess only (so far)? No woman wants to be a fat princess. Add Chloe, Elena (both from uncharted--possibly as alternative skins to Drake--instead of having to make a whole new character(s)), female protagonist from Dark Cloud 2,Sack Girl, maybe some 3rd party females that are still known for their association with Playstation's golden years: Female crash bandicoot character (name escapes me), Meryl or Sniperwolf(from MGS 1); Tifa (FF7); etc.

Any body else know of any female characters?

Dante1121965d ago

Yeah, I'm curious about what third party characters will be in the game.