Origins: The History of IGN

On Jan. 12, 2008, IGN celebrates its 10-year anniversary. What began as a collection of three console-specific websites in 1996 and officially became IGN in 1998 is now the world's largest destination for gaming-related news information and junk food eating contests. This is the tale of how IGN came to be, how it almost died and where Matt Casamassina used to sleep. Many bottles of alcohol were harmed in the making of this story.

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LJWooly3909d ago

As far as these gaming sites go, IGN is pretty unbiased, therefore it's one of my favourite websites.

Keep it up, IGN!

TheTwelve3909d ago

Not sure how unbiased they are. But I remember when they used to be a site that spoke mainly to guys, and had articles about tips on dating...haha. I don't know, they might still be that way.


Alvadr3909d ago

Ive been reading IGN since the N64 days. The site was slow and uninviting back then but the news stories were always reliable.