GameSpot gives 6/10 to Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Kevin VanOrd writes:

"The Kingdom Under Fire series experienced a renaissance with the release of the excellent Crusaders on the Xbox in 2004, and Circle of Doom takes even more chances with the franchise. Unlike its predecessors, though, the game eschews strategy elements in favor of a pure action role-playing experience, albeit with uneven results. The action devolves into tedium, the story has no obvious bearing on the gameplay proper, and a number of unnecessary hindrances break up the rhythm of the gameplay. If you take things online with friends, the pace picks up, but not enough to overlook some noticeable and annoying drawbacks."

The Good:
- Interesting, well-designed enemies
- Co-op play for up to four people

The Bad:
- Story is enigmatic and completely removed from the action proper
- Terrible camera constantly gets in the way
- Action gets incredibly repetitive

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MaximusPrime3991d ago

ok let me be the first:

Well done to xb360 on releasing another crap game.

MK_Red3991d ago

Pretty mixed stuff. 3/10 from 1UP, 6/10 from GameSpot, 5.25/10 from GameInformer.
Overall, I'm still looking forward to this game knowing that it won't be too good but I loved N3 and this seems to be similair.