Why Men Like to Play as Female Characters in Video Games

More and more new games have options to customize the player’s character or at least choose a gender. This is especially true with MMO’s and RPG’s. Today in MMO’s, most female characters are likely played by men, or Guy in Real Life (GIRL). This topic pops up from time to time in various games and forums. So why is it that men like to play as female characters?

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Snookies121965d ago

Honestly I'll play either... Usually in most MMO type games, I'll make one of each gender, just to have a variety. Sometimes I like being my badass dude that looks suspiciously like Sephiroth... Other times I want to be a cute girl that beats monsters over the head with a mace. Lol

jthamind1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

"Sometimes I like being my badass dude that looks suspiciously like Sephiroth... Other times I want to be a cute girl"

wouldn't that mean you're playing as two females?

Snookies121965d ago

Lol, nah you've got the wrong one in the series. Kuja from IX is the woman.

MmaFan-Qc1965d ago

tits and ass, thats the anwser.

GribbleGrunger1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

because it's the only time men get a chance to control women without having to buy something for them

Christopher1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Many reasons

1. In MMOS, you spend a lot of time looking at the back side of your avatar. Which would you rather spend hours looking at, male or female backside?

2. People use it to improve relations with other males by looks alone. Some even go so far as to act like women. They get into guilds easier, get help faster, and even get gifts. This one has greatly declined since the first few 3D MMOs, but still exists.

3. The male models are horrific. Take DDO, for example. If I want to play that half-elf artificer, there's no way I'm going to go with a male avatar because they have horrible bug eyes and questionable body dimensions.

4. Because they are roleplaying. I know, this one gets thrown by the wayside in almost all these topics, but from someone who has roleplayed since the age of twelve, there is a lot to be said for exploring the mindset of something completely foreign. This is becoming even more true with MMOs like SWtOR, where decisions, voice acting, relationships and more evolve based on your choice in sex as opposed to just race and class.

Hicken1965d ago

Number one is my primary reason. Regardless of the game, I like looking at females more than males. If I can choose my character, I tend to choose a female. All my Dragon Age and White Knight characters have been female, most of my DCUO and even Maple Story characters were female. In fighting games, the only favorite character I have that ISN'T female is Hwaorang.

Number four is also pretty relevant, but mostly it's number one.

Lazy_Sunday1965d ago

I associate my character with myself, so I play a dude even in MMOs. I don't have any real personality problems like that. I thought it was a lot gayer to deal with people hitting on me in a video game when I was playing as a girl then it is to look at the back of my character--it's even weirder to act like a woman in the game. I don't get the sexual stigma behind that virtual character, it doesn't compute to me since it's not real and has no associations to my personality at all. Up until reading these comments I've never once considered I was looking at my character's butt, but looking at my characters back--if you really think you're looking at dude butt all day, that could be an insecurity some may want to double check their own sexuality.

Then again, it's probably just not my thing.

Christopher1965d ago

Backside != butt, but one's own back area. Yes, the butt is there, but it's more than just that.

And, it's no less gayer to want to look at a female figure form in a digital world as it is to look at pictures of nude models. I may be a huge advocate for respecting women by not associating beautiful women that are shown here on N4G as whores or merely sex objects, but I don't ignore the fact that the mass majority of us do enjoy viewing things that are pleasing to the eye as opposed to forcing a male to male/female to female requirement.

Your tone seems to have a bit of derision in it, when it is natural for people to think sexually. Furthermore, you seem to think that by me listing the reasons that _that_ one reason would be my personal reason over the three others presented. Hint: I'm a #4, if you couldn't tell from how personal of a reference I made. And not once have I ever been hit on in game when I am playing a female character, not once. Nor do I have personality issues.

You do seem a bit narrowminded, though, if you think such things are implied because someone roleplays the opposite sex. That's tantamount to saying one should only play RPGs where you are the same sex. Should women not play Two Worlds 2 or Risen? Should I put up with the, IMHO, crappy voice acting of male Shepard over the very well done voice acting of female Shepard?

Drake1171965d ago

This is going to sound pretty narrow minded. Its because they are weirdos and they associate themselves sexually with a video game character or want to act like a women. They are the stalker/pedo types in real life, but not that extreme. Anybody that denies it, is prob trying to convince themselves its not true.

SeekDev1965d ago

Many people say they aren't attracted to the female figure in video games, and I agree with them. But there are parts of our brain that ignore reason and are stimulated regardless of a real woman or a 3D polygonal model.

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NukaCola1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

It doesn't matter for me personally, but after talking with my friend and seeing it for myself, the female Shepard in ME has a way better voice actor than the male Shepard. She sounds more fluid and doesn't talk like such an android.

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JimmyJames701965d ago

I wonder what Freud would say...

coolbeans1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

He practically spent a lifetime trying to ascertain what women want. I couldn't imagine the brain teaser he'd be thinking in this case: "What do men playing as women in videogames really want?"


dead_eye1965d ago

Probably "Where's the coke?"

Sucitta1965d ago

In fighting games, the lady's are usually over-powered, so I'll use them = )

Chung Li anyone ? <3

Baka-akaB1965d ago

I dont remember it like that . Most of the time the ladies of those games are the lightweight with insane combos abilities but mosquito bite sized damage .

Chun-li is an exception and not even over powered in most Sf games :p .

AznGaara1965d ago

Thats correct. Most females in fighting games are "rush-down" characters with huge combo potential and mix-up abilities. Makoto, Cammy, Ibuki and Sakura all fit that category in SF4.

Cammy ftw.

Godmars2901965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Which is something I would do, if guys wouldn't then come and hit on me first, asking if I were a girl second or third to whatever come on line or small talk they put out.

Also since I don't play MMOs its not really an issue.

guitarded771965d ago

I play as chicks in Bioware games so I can lez out.

SaiyanFury1965d ago

I usually play as a female for a couple of reasons. First is aesthetics. Face it, I don't like looking at some butch-arse, steroid injected male character. I typically spend a good amount of time making my characters as attractive as possible. The second reason is content-based. I mostly play RPGs like Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Skyrim. I also play BioWare games and the like. Fact is, there are usually more men involved with quests than women. I find I can usually carry more favour as a woman than a man. Think of the Black Widow perk in Fallout 3. Just a personal thing, I find. :)

tigertron1965d ago

Makes a change playing as men I guess.

Or they can just have better characters i.e. Femshep.

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