Blu-ray poised to zap its rival in war of the DVD players

Will Pavia writes:

"There were rival formats for the first DVD player, but a compromise was reached before any device reached the market. Sony was perceived to have lost out in that battle – just as it had lost out in the VHS/Betamax war."

"The electronics giant may have had a metaphorical chip on its shoulder when it began pushing another new format: a redesigned DVD that would be read by a high-frequency blue laser."

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whoelse3597d ago

Unfortunately most customers don't know Warner is jumping ship and neither do the shop assistants. They need to be educated.

darkside3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I Agree, everyone should know the power of blu!!!

actas1233597d ago

Trust me, if someone wants to spend that much on a DVD player, then they'll make sure its the right choice.