DmC Dev: 'I don't care if it sells a thousand units or two million'

DmC developer, Ninja Theory, has been getting a lot of hate from fans of the Devil May Cry series, but it seems like they just don't care.

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Ken221933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Oh is that so??

Snookies121933d ago

Lol, of course they don't care! That's be evident from their lack of giving anything that series veterans asked for. I'll give the game a chance, but it's not Devil May Cry, that's for damn sure.

Nitrowolf21933d ago

These guys are spewing crap out of their mouth.

Don't get started with Heavenly Sword

TB fair though, this is coming from someone else in the team.

gaffyh1933d ago

Heavenly Sword actually had a pretty fun concept, just the combat was not very responsive. I think if Sony Santa Monica made a sequel for it, it would be awesome.

jthamind1933d ago

the dev might not care, but the publisher does. lol.

mafiahajeri1932d ago

Well we dont care either!!

GamerToons1932d ago

I wont be one of the thousands of people buying this "gem"

When we don't buy it, new Dante will go away.

Capcom will be pretty much forced to do the right thing next time.

guitarded771932d ago

They'll care if they all lose their jobs or they can't get funding for their next project.

Kurylo3d1932d ago

ill buy it. Old dante is done get over it... it became too corny after dmc1. Least this one tries to make things belong in the real world.

NewMonday1932d ago

Sales are the very reason they didn't do HS2.


they actually fixed a few things, its OK now, but i still have trouble giving money to Capcom and NT, rental or used for me.

lizard812881932d ago

He's already gone:

It seems Capcom has little faith in the new Dante, since they went with the old one for a new game.

Solid_Snake371932d ago

wow how hard is it to shut the f**k up NT? Clashing against your costumers is not a good idea.

zeal0us1932d ago

Crapcom wont have their back this game only sells two thousand copies.

AWBrawler1932d ago


Corny? DMC? What are you smoking?
DMC 3 was the best one IMO. And I never found the series to be corny

miyamoto1932d ago

Well we dont care either!!

Trebius1932d ago

to be fair, i was never a huge fan of the DMC series, over the top voice acting and characters made it just silly to me ... the action was good but not so god that i had to buy the game. The reboot i actually want to buy because it looks like theyre fixing what was wrong with the old one and making it appeal to a bigger crowd. Dinosaurs need to adapt. Reboots happen to widen the crowd the game appeals to.

Heartnet1932d ago

They dont care since they dont see the money from sales.. they have already got paid.. capcom will care though

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Nimblest-Assassin1932d ago

"I don't care if it sells a thousand units or two million'

Well at the rate that they are pissing of DMC fans, I would be surprised if they sold more than 5 copies

Kurylo3d1932d ago

prepare to be suprized... im a dmc fan, and i think there going in the right direction.

1932d ago
Nimblest-Assassin1932d ago


Nope, 5 at best


0_0 This is my surprised face. As M.Night.Shamalayn would say

Fylus1932d ago

@Nimble, yep and those 5 disagrees you got are those very 5 buying the game;)

I_am_Batman1932d ago

I don't get why it pisses DMC fans off. The game isn't even out and all I hear are crying fanboys. Ninja Theory have always made great games (Heavenly Sword, Enslaved). I don't see a reason why The new DMC shouldn't be a great game too.

Rainstorm811932d ago

Thats funny Batman i always thought Ninja Theory mad mediocre games (heavenly sword, Enslaved) so i expected DmC to be no different

gaffyh1932d ago

There'll probably be a lot of people who have no idea that they're even making this game, and that the development team is different in any way.

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j-blaze1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

after this, i don't know why would anyone support them...i mean they just don't seem to care, and on top of that they disrespected the fans and the original developers.....also knowing NT, this game will be 7 or 8hrs max with no replay value...

plenty of amazing action games coming this year:

-Dragon's Dogma
-Anarchy Reigns
-MGR: Revengeance
-Lollipop Chainsaw
-Darksiders 2

hell, you can even import Onechanbara Z, the gameplay at 1:40.... i swear this game looks and plays much better than this wannabe-DMC game!

I_am_Batman1932d ago

"after this, i don't know why would anyone support them..."
Believe it or not but I buy games for playing them in the first place.
You would prefer Lollipop Chainsaw over the next DMC? A half naked cheerleader killing zombies with a chainsaw. You gotta be kidding me (unless you're 12). Onechanbara Z has a similar concept. I prefer playing a game with a good story and deep characters to playing a game where I have the feeling I'm watching a bloody anime porn made with the creativity of a 3rd grader.

DigitalAnalog1932d ago

See, your comment is the reason why devs like them talk so much trash. Lollipop Chainsaw for half-naked? That would be like saying No More Heroes is just about being a raging otaku. I buy games because I look at both the developer's history and the track record he/she provides. It's the same reason I stay away from COD and buy games like Journey, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain etc.

I_am_Batman1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

That's what I got from the announcment trailer of lollipop chainsaw.
It's not like they are showing some interesting characters or an original setting. All I get from that trailer is girl in Cheerleader-outfit, zombies (wow now that's an original setting), chainsaw (violence) and horrible voiceacting (the voice actress isn't bad just the acting in this trailer). Now tell me which target group they're aimimg at.

By the way I think that NT telling us that they do not care about sales is plain stupid so I do not protect them for that. I'm just saying that if the game looks good to me I'll buy it no matter what one douchebag of the whole team said. I don't get what the track record has do to with the decision of buying a game. And the developer's history tells me that it's probably going to be a good game because I liked HS and Enslaved. But in the end it's all about that one game. You can't just look at statistics and say if it's going to be a good game or not. A "good" Developer can make a "bad" game and vice versa.

Oh and congratulations to you for staying away from Call of Duty. I don't play CoD either.

Hayabusa 1171932d ago

"A half naked cheerleader killing zombies with a chainsaw. "

Well, when you put it like THAT it seems quite obvious some people would prefer it to DMC...whatever their age.

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torchic1932d ago

my favourite articles are always DMC5 articles, reading the comments is so entertaining!

I always have a good laugh. it's like a war between Ninja Theory and fans lmao

Heartnet1932d ago

Yeh aside from the fact that the fans are making a big deal out of nothing and ninja theory dont care bout it :)

But yes it is a good laugh i must agree :)

Darrius Cole1932d ago

Dear Ninja Theory:

Please see the sales figures for Ninja Gaiden 3.

Darrius Cole



xtremeimport1932d ago

i've never played a DmC game, but from what I saw in reviews the last few titles seemed to be lacking what the original offered. So MAYBE, they are just trying to refresh the brand. I dont full understand the character redesign, but hey...dont judge something until you've played it.

Nac1932d ago

"Usually the worst creative crimes are made when you're trying to make a game for someone else - some perceived demographic that, in all likelihood, doesn't actually exist."

I don't disagree, I think it should be an expression and not a product. I myself would want to create something that I would want to go through. If my heart isn't in the creation and it is not something I would want to experience than whats the point.

But then again NT have become stewards of a franchise that is not their own, how much expression do they really get to have?