Unite to unlock the AC3 world gameplay premiere

Ubisoft is recruiting Gamers to help spread the word of AC3 by getting us to Unite and unlock the Premiere AC3 Gameplay Trailer for our efforts.

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ginsunuva2045d ago

No thanks Ubi, we're not your b1tches.
It's not like we're desperate for an AC3 trailer that you have to release anyway.

Let's all not do anything on the checklist and see what happens lol.

I cant believe they think we will work to desperately get a trailer from them.

exsturminator012045d ago

I've never been a huge fan of the series, so my opinion isn't worth anything on this, but I was curious if fans were really excited about this game after all the semi-sequels? Not trying to troll here, I just haven't heard much fanfare for this one and wondered if they'd burnt people out or if I just hadn't been reading the right message boards.

WeskerChildReborned2045d ago

They'll most likely release the gameplay trailer regardless.

koh2044d ago

Yeah, they can't get me to do sh*t to unlock a trailer for AC3... just don't care that much. Now if R* had another GTAV trailer, that might be another story.

FarCryLover1822045d ago

What if not enough people work to unlock it? Will Ubisoft never release the trailer? I am looking forward to the trailer, but I would laugh if the goal isn't reached and they release it regardless.

Reborn2045d ago

Well, they might show another gameplay vid. Not the one which could be unlocked? Either way, I don't think anyone will have any complaints, haha.

FarCryLover1822045d ago

Actually, I think they'll just release it anyway. If I am remembering correctly, Battlefield 3 had a similar thing going on where EA said a trailer would be unlocked at like 2M facebook likes. Yet they posted the trailer way before 2M.

TekoIie2044d ago

If you look at the bar its pretty much half way full so i guess people care... Also why are people bashing Ubi??? They're pulling a simple tactic here: free advertising. Dont tell me if you were a multimillion dollar company you wouldnt try similar...

TheModernKamikaze2045d ago

Either way it's going to be released just not early.

PygmelionHunter2045d ago

So they're trying to pull a DICE on us, no effing thanks Ubisoft.