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$99 Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle is official

Gamertag Radio writes: "The $99 Xbox with $15 monthly subscription is official. Here's how to redeem this offer at your local Microsoft Store."

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zeal0us2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

360(15*24)+99=459(not including tax)
299(cost of 4gb kinect)+ ~99(2 12y xbl gold)=398 (not including tax)

Hope the extra money is worth it.

Dante1122147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Seems like a rip off. They didn't even give you the 250GB 360, instead they give you 4GB 360. And for $450?...oh Microsoft. I still think it's gonna be a huge hit in North America lol.

ardivt2147d ago

yeah it is a rip off
but we better get used to this because I'm afraid this will be the pricing models for the next gen consoles. perhaps ms wants to try out if it really works.
by this sony and ms could make powerful consoles and make them relatively cheap or at least pretend they are cheap just the way it is with smartphones.

GribbleGrunger2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

it may be a rip off but it will sell well regardless because most people only think short term, but PS3 owners should rejoice. this can only drive the 360s market further in the direction of Kinect and casual, which eventually will lead to more people buying a PS3 for core/hardcore games and of course the plethora of fantastic exclusives.

microsoft are making a BIG mistake with their core/hardcore audience by going in this direction. 3rd parties won't want to take any risks or waste substantial amounts of money on the casuals. it's all good. Microsoft can sell the to mums, dads and kids, while Sony can cater for the true gamer. both camps win

WeskerChildReborned2147d ago

I alway's wondered why they have a 4gb than have a 250gb. Wouldn't it be better if the 4gb was like a 120gb cause 4gb is just asking you to buy the 250gb hard drive.

Anon19742147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

I disagree. Sure it costs you a bit more in the long run but the convenience of not having to slap down all the cash up front is certainly appealing to people on a limited budget, like students for example. I think this is a smart move by Microsoft and I wouldn't be surprised if we see this pricing model available as an option next gen as well. The difference in price over 2 years is pretty nominal.

In my mind, consumer choice is rarely a bad thing.

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Karum2147d ago

To me it's not a good deal at all but I think what they are doing is aiming this at people who might want a 360 but having the cash up front is a problem for.

I think there are definitely people out there who fall into that bracket and will go for it. Of course I never would simply because it's a bad deal in my eyes but I can appreciate that for some this will be an easy way of getting into Xbox gaming.

BUT, here is the big thing for me. I'm pretty sure that there will be a new Xbox released within 2 years and whilst this subscription will carry over to a new console, how are these people supposed to get into the new Xbox experience when it arrives?

I suppose based on what I said above these people wouldn't be buying the new Xbox anyway since up front cash is likely the only reason anyone would go for this deal and would likely still be an issue for many of the same people when the new Xbox comes out.

In some ways this is definitely a clever move by Microsoft as there is probably a market out there for this kind of deal (if there isn't MS aren't going to lose anything with people not taking the deal up) but at the same time it's a bad deal for anyone that has the disposable income or saves up to just outright buy a 360 and a LIVE subscription.

KMCROC542147d ago

Seem like the difference's the price we pay for almost any new game released. sounds like a try .

forcefullpower2147d ago

This could actually piss of people and hurt there reputation in the long run. What happens if they announce the release of the 720 to be release in 12 Months time and you have just bought into a 2 year contract you can't get out.

LOGICWINS2147d ago

Nothing. The mainstream will just continue eating it up...the same way people line up to get an IPAD Day 1 even though they are armed with the knowledge that it will be out of date in the following year.

You underestimate the stupidity of modern consumers.

forcefullpower2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

But most people don't go out and buy every edition of the ipad they may do with the iphone. With the iphone people got caught into a 2 year contract and then missed out on the new edition 12 month later. This was quite common and i had quite a few friends that where pissed off when this happened. Most phone companies now offer both 12 month and 2 years now if you pay a little more money a month. Which is why it may sounds great at first causing them a lot of sales but in the long run it could hurt there reputation.

As in my friends left the mobile company they with just because of it.

coolbeans2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

You're missing the entire point of this deal by using that comparison. This was never meant to be cheaper, this was meant to LOOK cheaper. It's the same "foot in the door" tactic employed by mortgage comps, used car salesmen, and more across the globe. Are you ever curious how much more you'll be paying for that new car over time instead of paying upfront?

Let's not have a myopic view into thinking EVERYONE who decides to go after this deal is an idiot. It's simply a business deal you've seen employed time and time again on TV commercials that's beneficial to a certain group of people.

LOGICWINS2147d ago

By the Gods, a man of logic!

Outside_ofthe_Box2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

***By the Gods, a man of logic!***

Says the one calling anyone who goes after this deal stupid, ignorant, uninformed, getting tricked and getting screwed. lol

I do agree though. coolbeans is among the only two I see consistently make sense and use logic 100% of the time on this site. The other being beatdown.

grahf2147d ago

It is still cheaper than using a credit card, they skip Visa/Master Card and collect directly on a lowered interest rate.

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Siren302147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

So I guess your against loans for cars and houses or buying anything with a credit card too since in the long run your paying more than just buying it outright.

grahf2147d ago

Oh, lets add one more tidbit of math to the problem.

A lot of people can't afford to throw down anywhere from $350 - $450 in one go, so what would they normally use???


Check out the credit card calculator from the US Federal Reserve website (google, i can't direct link)

Go ahead and throw in whatever value you want in for the best deal you can get, and then throw in you your CC APR%. After it tells you how long it will take to pay off, you can actually enter how much you would pay a month. Throw in $15 and see how long it will take and how much interest has accrued. Its pretty amazing.

Pay everything upfront if you can, or use a payment plan. DON'T USE CREDIT CARDS.

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godfree2147d ago

Smart move by Microsoft.

StrongMan2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Not as smart as charging people for viewing ads, online play, Facebook, Youtube, and other free features that are free on every other device known to man.


People buy XBL because they have no choice if they want to play the online portion of their games that they already paid $60 for. Can't play COD multi player on Xbox without paying big daddy Microsoft first to access that part of your game that you already paid $60 for. Keep telling yourself paying for twitter and access to Netflix is "worth it" if it helps you sleep at night.

Perjoss2147d ago

If the Xbox 360 wasn't worth it, people would not buy it. If Xbox Live wasn't worth it, people wouldn't subscribe to it.

But people do, so...

anticooper2147d ago

[email protected] if i want to play online with my 360,i have too pay money and i did(my 3rd xbox just rrd), but that dont mean it was worth the money. Peace:-)

Adva2147d ago

XBL is only bought as it is a necessary component to complete your Xbox experience or any game for that matter.

Without Gold, you don't have online play, netflix, streaming etc.

TheRealHeisenberg2147d ago

Perjoss is absolutely right. 360 and Live Gold are worth the money if you want to pay for them. Although I think it is a fantastic service I simply chose not to pay for Live anymore because it ended up not being worth it to me. PSN for me as long as multiplayer is free.

Siren302147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

I've never payed more than $40 a year for xbl. Last year I got that deal right off the dashboard from one of those ads your talking about. Having a party chat and being able to hear my friends clearly without having to listen to everyone else is great, plus there are alot of games where you can just select join party and you are put right in their game. Also there pretty good sales every week, which is the big reason why people pay $50 a year for playstation plus

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Godmars2902147d ago

Smart for MS, bad for consumers. Especially for ones who mistakenly buy into this deal but not understand the fine print.

LOGICWINS2147d ago

I personally don't feel bad for the consumers..they don't even feel bad for themselves. Millions pay $30 a month to pay the mandatory data fee for their smartphones when many of them could have opted to just gt a regular phone that doesn't require an expensive data plan. Consumers bring this thing onto themselves.

iistuii2147d ago

$450= £284 approx . A 360 4gb with kinect is selling for £250 in Game uk..then add the £70 2 years live on top, = £320 it's not a rip off at all. Ok you can shop around for cheaper version online, but compared to the high street, it's about right if not a better deal.

Drekken2147d ago

A sucker is born everyday.

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