Top 5 sleeper hits

Some games manage to surprise even the most skeptical of gamers. MyGaming check out some of the biggest games that avoided hype and exceeded expectations in recent years.

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Gaming1011967d ago

That piece of crap Alan Wake? I would put Bioshock in there as it came out with nothing else like it and was stellar, where noone really knew what it would be like.

ZeroChaos1967d ago

How is Bioshock considered a sleeper hit when it is considered one of the most renounded games and it's had two sequels and one of them nearly everybody is giddy for.

Gaming1011967d ago

A sleeper hit is a game that noone thought would be as good as it was when it came out.
You can say the same for Assasin's Creed, a renowned game with 3 sequels and another one coming out later this year that everybody is giddy for - use your brain.

j-blaze1968d ago

i would definitely put Demon's Souls there instead of InFamous

rdgneoz31967d ago

Definitely agree. The whole "it didn't get exposure" idea is not really true. It got a ton for it being a superhero game and coming out around the same time as Prototype. Soo many comparison articles leading up to both games releasing.

With Demon's Souls, when it came out not many were expecting it to be as good as it was, or as brutal as it was.

p.s. I loved the free upgrade for collector's edition for a physical strategy guide, music CD, art book (unlike Dark Soul's crap downloads for them and then only a half ass strategy guide in comparison to Demon's).

NukaCola1967d ago

Another FROM SOFTWARE title 3D Dot Game Heroes came out of no where and its a huge tribute title to Demon's Souls and Zelda/FF/DragonWarrior.

God of War shouldn't be there. It's a franchise that is booming and so is Assassin's Creed.

Sleeper Hits are titles that were underrated or not big but excellent and near if not GOTY contenders. I think Alan Wake was over hyped but didn't sell because it's demographic didn't want something like this.

SKUD1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

NO. Just no.

come_at_me_bro1967d ago

Assassin's Creed and God of War really don't belong on this list. Both games were hyped extensively, especially Assassin's Creed.

TheLyonKing1967d ago

I was away to say that, stole the word right out my mouth.

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