Chris Taylor on why Supreme C. is not coming to PS3, Dungeon Siege

IGN managed to talk with Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor about Space Siege, Supreme Commander, Demigod, the Dungeon Siege movie and more.

IGN: Why is it coming to 360 and not PS3?
Chris Taylor: Because the 360's got a bigger install base, so the economics work. It's a business decision.

IGN: Are we ever going to see a console version of Space Siege?
Chris Taylor: I would love to see a console version and we've been talking about it and I think we could very well see a console version. Yeah, that's not out of the question at all. I think it'd be a great console game.

IGN: Are we going to see another Supreme Commander expansion, are we going to see another Dungeon Siege?
Chris Taylor: Absolutely. There are all kinds of talks going on. Dungeon Siege 3 is being talked about, nothing's final. We're talking about working on an expansion pack called The Experimentals, where it's an experimental unit only expansion pack for Supreme Commander. Just massive experimental units for all factions.

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HarryEtTubMan3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

HAHAHAHAH a Xbot article looking for something bad about the PS3... so funny

Its ok Zhuk.... we already know who is getting all te big hyped games for 2008 and 2009. ;)

"way to spin it mart
It's 16 million versus 9 million, hardly 2:1. Don't lie, loser."

See... they are now losing in EVERYTHING. So theMart falls back on flat out delusional lieing(the only thing he has left) EVERYONE KONWS THE XBOX 360 HAS NOT SOLD 19 MILLION SYSTEMS.

It doesnt even have 17.7 million "sold to customers" it is "sold to retailers". Period. The 360 does not have a 8-10 million console lead. Not even close. It has been getting OUTSOLD since October and will conintue to. Lies don't matter XBOTS. TheMart is scared, hiding and lieing.

But when its all said and dont the PS3 is now only 6-7 million behind. Period. And closing the gap each week. Soon, it will begin closing the gap faster and in a year or 2 it will be UTTER DOMINATION of the CRAPBOX.

I am done.

BrianC62343993d ago

Wow, this guy is lame. A game is coming to the 360 but not the PS3 because the 360 has a larger install base. He's a genious. Did he ever think that maybe the PS3 install base will soon catch the 360 and actually overtake it? That will happen by 2009. He'll sure look foolish then.

Hagaf223992d ago

basic economics?!?! this guys and idiot, if you want to get basic PUT IT ON ALL AVAILABLE SYSTEMS, that would be covering the entire "install base" look at call of duty 4 a Huge hit on 360 and ps3, infinity ward is rolling in the dough, because they know "basic economics"

TheXgamerLive3992d ago

Do you known the future and that it's going to do a 180 or something? No you don't.

MaximusPrime3993d ago

looks like a crap game. yea let 360 have it.

lawman11083993d ago

Because the 360's got a bigger install base, so the economics work. It's a business decision.

And the above is why MGS4 and FF13 will be on the 360 Sony Douche-bots! SUCK IT

BrianC62343993d ago

Right now the 360 has a larger install base but it isn't that big and the PS3 is going to have a huge year this year just like the 360 did last year. If anything the 360's installed base is rather small since it had such a big second year. The PS3 won't really need to do that much to catch it. Games like MGS4 and GT5 will sell a lot of PS3's. Anyone using this excuse now isn't looking long term. They see today but not tomorrow. Companies that do that usually end up dying.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3993d ago

Sucked on PC will suck even more on X360.


LJWooly3993d ago

The 360 version looks to be t3h suckzor, so this really isn't a loss for PS3 owners.

As you can see above, they seriously don't care.

games4fun3993d ago

agree with because of your avatar (hale looks freakin sweet it would scare the sh$t out of me if he was the squad leader)