Xbox 720 Release Date Prediction

There has been massive speculation over the launch date of the next Gen Xbox '720' Codenamed 'Durando' in a recent interview on Michael Patcher aired his views on the console release date, saying that he had spoke to both Sony and Microsoft.

His view is that there will be a spring 2014 launch of the next gen console and predicted that Sony will indeed launch first.

There are several rumours regarding this and all information seems to point to the same conclusion. Firstly, Microsoft have to fully develop the Kinect 2, which, whilst being pretty amazing for the Xbox 360, does need some fine tuning as there is a slight lag between the user and the unit.

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GaminGuys1902d ago

Gotta love the Patchinator ;)

TheLyonKing1901d ago

I accidentally clicked disagree lol meant to click agree.

Pach Attack on gt I think is really funny. It's his opinions based on Market trends and he does it in a funny way yet people hate on him cause he can't predict the future. People have such high standards these days

GaminGuys1902d ago

Seriously? Is every idiot on today?

Get a life

wrong boxes you've ticked etc who gives a rats arse?

GaminGuys1902d ago

Sorry guys but 4 reports and 3 for the same thing? It only takes one and Valenka is really getting my goat over a previous post too. Not a good day now!

theeg1902d ago should have come out in 2010

its going to be in it's 8th year on the market this november

whatever, it's beyond ridiculous now that there are no new consoles.

pc is the only place to game with modern graphics, everything on console looks last gen.

i have games on my ps2 emulator that look better than many ps3/360 games

my iphone has better graphics, the games are kinda mediocre, but at least its not covered in jaggies and running at 20 frames.

CGI-Quality1902d ago

Too many exaggerations here, pal (and some bold face lies - to be frank). Games like Uncharted 3 & Gears of War 3 look MILES better than anything to come from the DC/PS2/Xbox/GC era (and that's just a select few).

Anyway, while this prediction seems plausible, I'm not sure Microsoft would let Sony have next holiday all to themselves (and it will be the Wii U's time to really shine). Guess we'll see.

WeskerChildReborned1902d ago

Console hater? that explain's the 1 bubble. Seriously though, Consoles don't have bad graphics really cause have you seen Uncharted or the new God of War? Consoles might not have the best graphics though but they're not that bad.

Swagman23211902d ago

Pachter sucks, and his predictions are normally wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.