Diehard GameFAN: Ketzal’s Corridors Review

DHGF: While I personally wouldn’t have a marathon with Ketzal’s Corridors, it is enjoyable and I found myself wanting to get through it even when I wasn’t playing. The game does a decent job of setting a story up, even if it feels a bit superfluous. The graphics are surprisingly fresh and the music is enjoyable, even after playing for a while. Other than a few minor control issues, namely the inability to rotate counterclockwise, I felt the game was easy to play and well-balanced. There’s definitely room for replayability, and I could see people feeling like they can’t put this game down, even if I didn’t have that desire myself. Even though it’s basically a remake of ThruSpace, it’s original enough that it doesn’t feel anything like a port. The game, in short, is pretty good, and I’d recommend it for the $6.99 it costs to get it through Nintendo’s eShop.

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