Activision Officially Announces Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Coming this Fall

GamerFitNation: Today Activision has announced that the hilarious Family Guy cartoon from funny man Seth Mcfarlane would be getting its video game tie in. Its rumored to release on September 25, 2012 according to an Amazon listing on the web retailer site.

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zeal0us1963d ago

When it fails to sell like Activision predicts/expects the studio that created the game will be shutdown.

F7U121963d ago

Activision? Yeah no thanks.

FlashXIII1963d ago

Would be excited for a family guy game but not even a license as epic as that will convince me to hand over money to activision. Hopefully it'll come out on PC and I can download it.

DigitalRaptor1963d ago

It could be Radical Entertainment developing who've done The Simpsons: 'Road Rage' and 'Hit & Run' games, which have been great. They also did the Incredible Hulk games and Prototype, so this could be good, even if it is from Activison.