LittleBigPlanet: breaking point for PS3 vs Xbox 360 writes:
LittleBigPlanet is one of the biggest and most talked about games of 2008 among all consoles, the Sony Playstation 3 game may be the breaking point for the PS3 vs Xbox 360 debate.

For anyone that does not know much about LittleBigPlanet we have three videos below which give you a massive insight into the game, we have a community trailer, CES 2008: Demonstration and a Character Creation video below.

Many game sites are liking what they see when they review LittleBigPlanet, AMN Games said "Sony has accomplished the inconceivable: they have made their console appear attractive to me" and IGN said "While Sony has published some great games for their system like Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank, neither of those games really seem to have the staying power that LBP is poised to offer."

LittleBigPlanet will not only be a game, but also a massive community and a way gamers can share their creations with friends, family and the world.

Although the Xbox 360 had a big start, it now looks like the Playstation 3 is turning heads its way.

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Relcom3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

He was honest and i like honest.

JsonHenry3987d ago

So, the game looks great visually... but other than create you own characters and levels what exactly do you do? I have watched the 4 player multi-player video and other than running around on a level and picking up some balloon looking things I don't understand what you do exactly and why it is you "play" this game. To me, it simply looks like a level design program. There is no actual "game" to this. At least not that I have witnessed in any gameplay video.

Armyless3987d ago

is not necessarily evidence of absence.

Gondee3987d ago

If they realy want this to do good in amercia. And sell PS3's. They need to advertise more. Before and after the game comes out. I have a friend that i would say is a hard core gamer. and he had never hurd of this game. Much less what it is or about.

mikeslemonade3987d ago

This will be one those games that make you want to get the PS3 just like how Uncharted was. The problem is it's coming late 2008. The staying power of a game like this will be big because everytime there is a good level it's going to make headlines. And the game is already unique as it is. Microsoft doesn't even embrace what this game does besides XNA and the Halo 3 map editor.

lawman11083987d ago

This is a kids game and last time I looked at Sony's sad sales people buy the PS-door stop for Blue Gay dvd player so that would = adults buy the PS3. Just like R&C and Unfarted the sales will be WEAK.

icechai3987d ago

previews of this game have devs talking about boss battles. Essentially its a sidescroller where you can move all 4 limbs of your character and give them moods for kicks. They will include a ton of levels to make it appeal to regular side game people (4 player co op offline and online), and the added bonus is certain parts of levels you can manipulate and create things in to get past obstacles.

Of course people will create their own levels to be rated upon, and some people will disable modifying any part of their level and just let you enjoy it like any normal game. The beauty lies in the customization and creation aspects.

ravinash3987d ago

@ JsonHenry - The game it self is just a platform game like Mario brothers, but with real physics. Something that younger people can play.

@ Gondee - Most gamers already know about it, and most of them would like to get their hands on it or hope that it does well.
The larger market for this is the casual gamers and I don't think its a good idea to advertise too early. You'll need to set it to a date of release and make sure its out on that day as I don't think the casual gamer or little kids for that matter will understand production delays.

@ Lawman - Your a d1ck.
This is coming out in September....too bad you won't be playing it.
All you'll be doing that day is going on to web sites making an ass of your self to draw attention to your self...basically what your trying to do now.

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THAMMER13987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I just have a hard time with the idea that the game will be main stream or extremely popular.

I would not say the game sucks but I do have to say that the fan hype out weighs the games public anticipation. I would never say this game is the tipping point in the 360 vs PS3 debate at all. The PS3's movie playback and mutli media features may be though.

Relcom3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

You also have to think there has been no game like this on the console. So its hard to tell whether it'll be a niche game or a Widely excepted game.

Eamon3987d ago

I agree with Relcom. It is a very original game and looks beautiful. But I doubt it would make any major difference like MGS4 and FFXIII.

It is very popular in Japan and thats the only place in the world where the PS3 is killing the 360.

Armyless3987d ago

much like the Wii did.

What kind of staying power it has will be fun to watch, but LBP is the ultimate sandbox.

Gaara_7243987d ago

is a must buy for me why because im training to be a games desinger and this will give me a litle insite into makin levels even tho i have mad a few very sucsesful levels on Dawn of War but they all came premade textures and stuff but on this you get to make youre own so MUST BUY

wil4hire3987d ago

It comes with UnrealEd the Editor to make levels and what not. Its a really powerful tool to get your feet wet with making levels that make sense to players.

It also is packed with its visual scripting system Kismet. It is very hard to explain.. But do not get scared because there is 'scripting'. Its very intuitive once you get your feet wet. It allows you to say make a light switch, doors with keys, make your own mods. It really is great, and if you are interested in the industry, its mandatory to get this.

THis way you learn the hand off between Maya/Max and a game engine. Good geometry vs bad, etc.

good luck.

GIJeff3987d ago

is right. UT3's unreal editor is where its at. Its actually a course in some colleges. Level designers use UE to show their visions, and test how it will look from the user's perspective.

xionpunk3987d ago

This game is insanely brilliant.