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Datura Review - PSLS

Datura in the real world, is a genus of flowering plants known for its psychotropic toxins, often causing hallucinations, delirium, even death. A fitting title for the “game”, because after playing through it, I’m left wondering what the hell just happened. - PSLS (Datura, PS3) 7/10

Sev  +   896d ago
This game is a complete mindfuck. I just need to buy the Sony HMZ-T1 headset.
doctorstrange  +   896d ago
Would it be better on drugs?
knifefight  +   896d ago
It *is* drugs.
Sev  +   896d ago
Agreed with Knifefight. This IS drugs. I've taken drugs that were less of a mind trip than this.
dbjj12088  +   896d ago
Certainly sounds like drugs.
Oldman100  +   896d ago
Daver  +   896d ago
I wish there was more games like that.
insertcoin  +   896d ago
Traditionally, Datura is mixed with other mind trip medicines. So yes, much better with drugs.
alexcosborn  +   896d ago
Looks interesting enough.
specialguest  +   896d ago
I've been waiting for a game like this to come around so I could put my Move to use again. The use of the Sony hmz t1 for virtual reality-like simulation is very enticing.

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