Starhawk Review [PSLS]

PSLS: Starhawk, LightBox Interactive’s spiritual follow-up to the online-only PlayStation 3 exclusive Warhawk, is about to drop on Sony’s home console. But is it the worthy successor that fans have wanted?

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doctorstrange2412d ago

Loved Warhawk, will hopefully love this

Sev2412d ago

At first it feels very different. But once you get used to the Build & Battle, it feels much more like Warhawk.

F7U122412d ago

*******Potential spoiler at the end of the article!*******

doctorstrange2412d ago

If only there was a giant body of text to help show why a score was chosen :P

Whitefeather2412d ago

I played the game I got it yesterday. I think it's at least an 8. Other websites agree too.

MariaHelFutura2412d ago

If it was a 7.9 I could see your point, but they obviously felt it didn't deserve a 8.

Whitefeather2412d ago

Yet every other website is giving it an 8 at least. Just saying they're trying too hard to look different.

360GamerFG2412d ago

really whitefeather? Because the Verge gave it a 6.5

Sev2412d ago

Trying too hard to look different? This review was published the same exact time the embargo lifted. We didn't SEE anyone else's reviews, so there is no way we were trying to "look different".

I gave the score I felt it deserved. .5 is not a huge margin of difference.

aviator1892412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

"I played the game I got it yesterday. I think it's at least an 8. Other websites agree too."

That doesn't mean all upcoming reviews of the game will give the game a score of your expected 8+. I'm just saying, reviewers generally go by their own opinions and award the game they think it deserves.

Whitefeather2412d ago

That's the problem people keep thinking that a review is an opinion but it's not it's a rating of the game's quality. It has to be professional.

@Sev yep. That's my opinion.

Hicken2411d ago

Unfortunately, Whitefeather, people think a personal opinion and a professional review are the same thing. They can't seem to get that, with a little effort, people CAN give a more objective view than what they'd do with just their opinion.

Of course, professionalism in gaming journalism has gone down the drain, overall. And, often, instead of acting on the part of the gamers they should be reporting to, they report as if gamers are the problem and gaming companies are in the right at all times.

While it's true that, even in a more professional, objective review, the author may come to a different conclusion than your own, it shouldn't be their "personal" opinion.

Kinger89382412d ago

im glad ign didnt down score it dues to its single player, it looks like they know what this game is all about

ddurand12412d ago

This is about what I expected. (7.0-8.5)

r212412d ago

graphics are a negative? the game looks great to me but whatever. kinda disappointed that starhawk hasnt got an epic tale. oh well, still gonna play the SP :D

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The story is too old to be commented.