Prototype 2: why Heller should have been the Hulk

VG247: Thomas Morgan likes punching helicopters, but feels under-developed super soldier James Heller just isn’t compelling enough to carry the comic book mythology of Prototype 2.

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Psychotica1992d ago

I don't think of the Hulk at all when I am playing it. Prototype 2 is it's own game.

GraySnake1992d ago

Have you played Hulk: Ultimate Destruction? You've probably have but that's why Prototype always gets compared to it cause of its similar gameplay mechanics and such.

cogniveritas1992d ago

I enjoyed playing as James Heller. For what was presented about him, he had a fair motive and justifiable anger. But in the bigger picture, his selection within the Prototype Universe for being given powers and what happens with his daughter is so random it's just like "Why him?" in terms of story and purpose. There is an attempt to explain things but Heller is more like a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.