Papy comments on God of War: Ascension’s animation, character models and more

Todd Papy further commented on new blended animation system, character model improvements, new cloth physics, camera control, environmental destruction, new climbing system and more regarding God of War: Ascension.

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Y_51501992d ago

"He also left the following response when another fan asked if the engine can render a wet character model:

If we need it, we will look into it. I'm just hoping we can oil everyone up. Kratos dries off in an instant anyways."

Whitefeather1992d ago

God of War games don't disappoint. The worst one is Chains of Olympus and even that is good.

j-blaze1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

it's obvious from the videos released recently that they are reusing the same animations from GoW3, and the same camera system which makes the character sometimes "and the view overall" look far....not good


"allows player to see (more of the environment)"

yup, read my comment again genius

@ CGI-Quality




"On camera control:

We have added a nudge ability to the camera. It isn't complete control but allows player to see more of the environment."

Gamer30001992d ago

and then you owned the troll
good job plastica man

CGI-Quality1992d ago

Clearly you didn't read.

OT: Liking what I hear about the improvements so far. God of War III was a phenomenal game, so to improving on that will offer even greater results!

MaxXAttaxX1992d ago

It's obvious you don't know what you're talking about.
A lot of the animations from the MP footage alone are new.

The new system allows the player to move the camera to see a bit more of the environment.
You couldn't do this in GOW3, genius.

MaxXAttaxX1992d ago

"GoW:A will use a similar blended animation system as in Uncharted".

So there.

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