PSN - Future Tool of Destruction?

It was never going to be easy outfoxing Microsoft, but PlayStation Network director of operations Eric Lempel thinks Sony's made a solid start to its online venture. Here he discusses online strategy, execution, and why PSN's destined to become a tool of destruction in the console war.

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lockload3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Memo to sony we want to do it ingame no quiting to the bloody XMB its pointless having to quit agmes to read a message.. We also want to be able to click on a friend and join their game from anywhere its really basic stuff nothing new..

All i want is standard functionality across all games at present it seems like its left to each developer to add functions into the game they shoudlnt have to it should all be there anyway..

If sony ever get this stuff sorted out (as well as achievements, sounds like they are on it from the interview) i will happily buy all my multiplatform games on my ps3

Relcom3962d ago

It pisses me off everytime i get a message i have to quit the game to read it. A$$ backwards is what it is.

AllroundGamer3962d ago

now write an email to Sony with this same comment :) people should spam Sony with such emails so they would know how important this features really are to PS3 owners...

Gaara_7243962d ago

y dont u not just finish the game then read it

TheGrimReaper3962d ago

AFAIK Sony promised ingame XMB for a future update in '08

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Iamback3962d ago

Sony should look a lot more at XBL and if they can take some great stuff from it and add their own things like HOME, than we have a winner.

v1c1ous3962d ago

pretty much since the beginning?

GlossGreen3962d ago

probably something they've already done. The key for them though is not to emulate Live, but to create a unique experience to drive traffic to the PS3. Copying Live just won't do that and does not make sense.

BlazeXXL3962d ago

i get a message while playing a game.. especially when u just quit the game to read it, and it only says "hey"...

But o well, I think that sony is gonna step it up in 2008, seeing as how they started this year :P

Microsoft Knight3962d ago

PSN sucks Xbox live is a million times better so stop sucking Sony's [email protected] Sony tards and Jump In.

LJWooly3962d ago

Um, I don't get it, are you like Evil Zhuk (taking the piss out of an Xbox fan), or are you actually an Xbox fan?

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The story is too old to be commented.