GameStop: No free-roaming in Wii/3DS/DS versions of The Amazing Spider-Man

Unlike the PS3/360 versions, the Wii/3DS/DS editions of The Amazing Spider-Man won't feature free-roaming gameplay, according to GameStop.

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DarkBlood1964d ago

well wii disc and 360 disc file size are about the same so why wouldnt the wii version or hell 3DS version have free roam anyways

Bathyj1964d ago

Wow, sux. So they made a totally separate game for the weaker consoles? At least they didnt dumber down the XB and PS3 versions.

Soldierone1964d ago

I think if they did and took this out of the game for them, people would have literally sent snipers to the developers

ThichQuangDuck1964d ago

If you have a Wii I have good news for you, Spider-Man 2 for gamecube is amazing. Act like it is new I guess.... would suck if you only had a wii,but hey nintendo made the console with low specs. I am glad that as Bathyj said they did not lower the experience for the other consoles because I am excited

avenger.avrs1964d ago

Laziness I would guess...but I suppose it could still be good..I liked spiderman shattered dimensions on wii

avenger.avrs1964d ago

If you are going to disagree with my opinion please explain?

BlmThug1964d ago

Not laziness, the Nintendo consoles and handhelds are limited compared to their rivals.

avenger.avrs1963d ago

Thanks for the reply:) That is why I said I guess about the laziness. I know they are limited compared to others but if spiderman 2 and Ultimate spiderman on gamecube had an open world why can't the wii which is stronger.

MySwordIsHeavenly1964d ago

That's what I'm upset about. :/ I want a Vita version!!!

They're missing out on sales here...

J86blum1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I agree, I keep wanting to purches a Vita, but feel like its getting pushed to the side when it comes to games, im not really wanting to purches its big brothers titles just to play on the go or in bed or on the toilet.

The Vita needs its own exclusives, however anytime a game is successful it usually gets ported one way or another. Vita should be the testing grounds for some games before getting re-leased to the PS3, or games the dunno if it would be successful.

Vita exclusive titles I'd like to see:
Obscure 3
New Fight-Maker.
COD online only
some sweet JRPGs'
New Crash title
New Midevil title
Kane n Lynch
Army of Two
Midnight Club
GEX reboot
Playstation All-Stars
New Duke Nukem
Ultimate Alliance 3 or X-men Legends 3
A new Mutant League Game
New Mega Man title...(What I can hope.)
Legacy of Kain
Soul Reaver
New Castelvania

Basically those game that WE want but arnt worth the 60 doller price tag but are fun would be perfect for the vita, alot of co-op and online games.

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The story is too old to be commented.