Grand Theft Auto IV: 18+ PEGI Rating

GTA HQ, 11 January 2008:

The UK Playstation site has the PEGI rating information posted already. The New York based, ESRB rating is still pending on GTA IV. Check out the screenshot below.

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HB-Sauce3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

This game must be fairly close to being finished (already rated by Australia). By the way things are going, it just seems GTAIV is going to show up on retailers shelves on a random day.

googleguru3929d ago

I hope it doesn't get Adults Only by the ESRB in the US/Canada. That means stores like Wal-Mart won't stock it and the game probably won't sell as well. Oh well, I guess we can't control what rating it gets though something tells me this could be a repeat of the Manhunt 2 issue.

HB-Sauce3929d ago

It won't, as long as they steer clear of "Hot Coffee"

AzaziL3929d ago

It's been rated in the UK and Australia so far and I doubt the game isn't finished otherwise they would have to review it again on the final product. It's expected to take longer in the U.S. since they're probably combing through the game trying all they can to make so there are no little dirty secrets like a hot coffee mod again. The only thing left now is the ESRB rating and this game is good to go.

Maybe R* will pull a first in history and release the game out of the blue giving us only a week in advance, now that would be something.

k2d3929d ago

Like every GTA before it.

BachelorBrit3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Actually the game is still only rated in Australia to my knowledge. The BBFC will rate Grand Theft Auto IV here in the United Kingdom and as it stands at the moment there is no classification of the game at the moment. Grand Theft Auto IV will get an "18" certificate guarated it's what all the other previous titles were and rated "18" is the highest rating a game can receive in Britain, "18" basically is A.O. (Adults Only) rating like in America. The bottom line here is TakeTwo submit their games (including Grand Theft Auto IV) through the BBFC rating board not PEGI. Also check the PEGI website there is NO rating for Grand Theft Auto IV on there, so the article is quite misleading.

I do expect the BBFC,ESRB and other rating organizations worldwide to submit their rating for the game in the coming weeks, more specifically February.

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The story is too old to be commented.