New Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood screenshots

Nintendo Power magazine released the first Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood screenshots. You can see them here. Enjoy.

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MK_Red3991d ago

OK, I'm buying DS now. I resisted Phantom Hourglass. I survived Contra 4 but I'm a die hard Sonic fan and a Sonic RPG by BioWare that looks this cool? I'm in.

Eamon3991d ago

I see that even though it has turn-based RPG for the battles, they have kept the high-speed platforming in it.

The gothic look of cities reminds me of Final Fantasy VII

ygxbrayzie3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

oh my god!!! sonic rpg never heard of it till today wow look promising
plus is turn base nice!!!

Iamback3991d ago

Hopefully this can help SEGA back on track in finaciall department. Mario & Sonic olympics has been huge hit for them, since that game has sold close to 2.5 million in just 9 weeks.

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