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Over the years, Electronic Arts’ sports titles have persistently chased verisimilitude, offering a simulation that balanced playability and authenticity. While UEFA’s inclusion of an engaging Challenge Mode and absorbing Expedition component certainly demonstrate the former, a lack of inclusive team licensing tarnishes the later.

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sharpsword2385d ago

Why is the Xbox version more than the PS3 one?

RaptorMan2385d ago

I thought they were the same price? $22.50, right?

mediastudies2385d ago

$22.50 for 360 and $19.99 for PS3 at Gamestop.


madmad2385d ago

Glad to see offer EA offering a cheaper download, but not having all the real players makes me not want to buy this.

CharmingMan2385d ago

Good review. All the info I need and not too long.

2384d ago