Proven Gamer: FIFA Football Vita Review

Proven Gamer: The Playstation Vita was released in late February amid pessimistic reports of the handheld consoles validity in today’s strong mobile gaming market. These reports failed to highlight how advanced the handheld is and how strong Sony’s software launch line up was. One of the games to be available at launch was EA Sports FIFA Football. With one glance at the cover there is a noticeable absence of a number synonymous with EA’s yearly sports title. The reason for this is that it is not a straight port of FIFA 12 as many may have thought but that doesn’t mean that it has made concessions to arrive on the Vita. In the last few years FIFA has excelled into the greatest football games ever made and arguably greatest ever sports title on home consoles. Portables, however, still struggle with the fundamentals and have never truly had a standout football game.

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