Ranking the Final Fantasy Villains

With the heroes ranked,'s Ron Hoffecker now takes to the evil side of the series. There have been terrifying and horrible beings that stood in the way of our heroes, but which one is the worst of them all?

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Snookies121751d ago

Lol, didn't even have to read it to know it was Kefka at the top. I mean come on, he actually succeeded in destroying the world.

360GamerFG1751d ago

Wada, because he won't let Nomura finish VSXIII ha ha ha ha.

kesvalk1751d ago

1 - Kefka
2 - Kefka
3 - Kefka
4 - Golbez

belac091751d ago

i couldnt have said it better. great article man.

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The story is too old to be commented.