Opinion: Why The Forerunners are the Baddest Alien Race Ever Depicted on the 360

The Forerunners of Halo lore are among the most prolific and well conceived video game alien species of all time, even more so than the Reapers of Mass Effect fame.

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NewMonday2048d ago

hmm... ancient advanced but supposedly extinct race, where have i heard that before?

360GamerFG2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Halo Combat Evolved? Halo 2? Halo 3? Halo comics maybe? Lots of places where you could have heard that before. Take your pick.
By the way, MASSIVE MASS EFFECT 3 SPOILER ALERT!! Do not read the article if you have not finished ME3!!

crxss2048d ago

they'll be pretty cool in Halo 4 (if we actually get to see one do something). but as of right now they're just figureheads, nothing real "bad" about that.

NewMonday2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )


more like in almost every sci-fi and even many fantasy stories, "ancient advanced extinct civilizations" is one of THE most cliche plot point in fiction, i have to think hard to find franchise that doesn't have them.

aviator1892048d ago

I'm pretty excited the sort of Forerunner tech we'll be seeing in Halo 4. Of course, it will most likely be integrated with UNSC weaponry as they've had the chance to tinker around with forerunner tech for years now.

adamant7152048d ago

I totally agree. And based on the concept art I've seen, the forerunners will be badass

TheColbertinator2048d ago

Ah yes the "Forerunners",the ancient advanced yet supposedly extinct race that built the Halo rings.We have dismissed that claim.

TekoIie2048d ago

That's why the council can kiss my ass :3

brendan44442048d ago


mananimal2048d ago

hmm, nice read. actually found an article on N4G, that didnt suck, lol, amazing.

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