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Bonus Round Episode 604 - Microsoft E3 2012 Preview Part 2: Will Microsoft Win E3? (2/2)

GameTrailers writes:

"The video game industry's biggest convention is almost here, and in this episode of the Bonus Round, our panel discusses the what you can expect to see at the show. Big surprises, new game announcements and the future of the industry will be revealed." (Adam Sessler, Ben Fritz, E3, Geoff Keighley, Industry, Michael Pachter, Microsoft, PC, Shane Satterfield, Xbox 360)

KILLERAPP  +   1213d ago
Base on what they said about MS E3 2012 conference, basically is don't expect many new games and is all about apps for live and Kinect. Can't wait for MS E3 press conference!!!!
richierich  +   1213d ago
Last years MS conference was awful I doubt that they will beat Nintendo or Sony this year unless they show a nextgen console
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metsgaming  +   1213d ago
MS conference is so entertaining so i will be watching. Especially seeing peoples reactions in real time its so hilarious. Sony will be about the games and Nintendo is at a horrible time for me so i will watch the recording out of curiosity.
silkrevolver  +   1213d ago
It bothers me that Microsoft is able to stay in first place without producing much of any original content.
LOGICWINS  +   1213d ago
Thats what Shane said. This is the generation where exclusives stopped mattering. Sony has all this great 1st party content, yet Microsoft is still ahead.
solidjun5  +   1213d ago
Yea,maybe use your logic. Having a year start helps.
LOGICWINS  +   1213d ago
You realize that I'm simply repeating what the man in the video said right? Reading comprehension is your friend.
solidjun5  +   1213d ago
Ha! I find that comment funny considering you failed at reading comprehension yourself.

See for yourself and hooked on phonics.

EDIT: Oh yea, i plead for your pity by pointing out your reading skills. (Roll eyes).

Maybe you should do some reading. Microsoft is still in the lead but the gap isn't as big as it was when it first started. So exclusives do play some part in it.
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LOGICWINS  +   1213d ago
U jumped the gun on your comment, and now your trying to make yourself look better by posting a link that has nothing to do with this article. I feel bad for you.

"Maybe you should do some reading. Microsoft is still in the lead but the gap isn't as big as it was when it first started. So exclusives do play some part in it."

Once again, reading comprehension is your friend. All I did was repeat what Shane said...never said that I agreed with him. Why in the world are you still on this topic?
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cpayne93  +   1213d ago
You said "that's what shane said" implying that silkrevolvers comment is what shane said. You then began a new sentence without any real indication that the new sentence was shane's thoughts and not your own. There were no words that indicated that you were still talking about what shane said, you should have put a that before the this. For all we could have known you may have just have been pointing out that fact about silkrevolver. So I don't think you can blame anyone for misunderstanding your comment when it was pretty vague whether that thought was your own or shane's.

Also, with your general condescending attitude towards other people, you kinda deserve to have your own hypocrisy shoved in your face from time to time. Do you enjoy starting meaningless arguments with people?
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1213d ago

Well Said.

***Also, with your general condescending attitude towards other people, you kinda deserve to have your own hypocrisy shoved in your face from time to time. Do you enjoy starting meaningless arguments with people?"***

I point out the hypocrisy all the time. It's quite entertaining.
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solidjun5  +   1213d ago
REading wasn't his strongest subject in grade school.
from the beach  +   1213d ago
It's one thing to read forum trolls saying Microsoft haven't produced any original content, but the dude in the video is saying it too? Wow.
Hicken  +   1212d ago
... that's probably because they aren't. Oh, well, there's Kinect stuff, but... I shouldn't have to explain why that's not included.
GraveLord  +   1213d ago
They're not in first place.
PS3 is the best selling console each and every week.

Wii is the leader this gen in sales.
Regent_of_the_Mask  +   1213d ago
Microsoft winning E3? lol, won't happen.
aawells07  +   1212d ago
Dude! How old are you? You gotta be a little kid. Your trying so hard. Every comment you make is a knock at Xbox360 Lmao. Whats wrong with you kid?
chukamachine  +   1213d ago
Nub who said PS3 doesn't make a dent, rofl.

Oh that's why it outsells the 360 every year.

Oh i keep forgetting, on here and gt America is the world.
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   1213d ago
silly boy.
Nutsack  +   1213d ago
Outsells every year, yet still 3 mln. behind in sales at this moment. That is, world wide, not only USA.

So yes... Seeing PS2 was the untouched nr.1 last gen, being in 3rd place still in total console sales, that is bad.

Don't forget that MS in the spot to dictate the price. Production costs of a 360 are way less than a PS3. MS has more bandwith to change its pricing than Sony has. Certainly seen Sony's overal losses and having to juggle on two markets, homeconsole and handheldmarket.

So yah. PS3 doesn't really make a dent, after 5 to 6 years on sale its still in 3rd place. When PS3 released, Sony believed they'd get ahead on 360 sales within the 1st year. Look at it now....
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1213d ago
Outselling the competition is no longer making dent? Selling over 60 mil is not making a dent? Okey Dokey.
ginsunuva  +   1213d ago
Why does the press care so much about who the hell "wins" e3?
KionicWarlord222  +   1213d ago
After watching this i feel like MS really isn't gonna bring a lot of stuff to e3.

Ms real goal is most likely trying to make xbox live the media hub. It seems extremely important to them.

There probably going to focus more on kinect because its a newer platform and has been a trojan horse for there sales last year.
whoyouwit04  +   1213d ago
If Microsoft does focus on media and not games they should be a shamed. they have been for getting there fans for far to long, this company has a total of 18 gaming studios and and 4 Xbox related teams there is no excuse for them to announce any less then 8 to ten unannounced exclusives. I mean yea they are publishing a shut load of quality XBLA games which is cool but what about the 60$ blockbusters? Sony has been releasing tons of exclusives there is absolutely no reason why Microsoft not to have just as many or more exclusives. and the few they do have they seem like they don,t know what to do with. No let me take that back, they have more then a few but they release so few of them you for get that they they have tons of quality exclusives in their back catalog, I mean where in the hell is the killer Instinct, Perfect Dark, Conker, Kameo, a true sequel to Crack Down. what about Crimson Skies? Or Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, I am probably the only one who want these two but I would love to see a remake of Brute Force and Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus, I want them to do a VS game with Killer Instinct and Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus, but of course release the stand a long games and hopefully sales will be good enough to lead to a VS game.

Back on point if you do want to focus on media then reinstate your as to CES and do it there and let E3 be what it is meant for games. O yea if any Sony fan boy think I am one of you please think again I am die hard Microsoft, hell I even been banned from this site once for been so defensive of Microsoft, but what I am is a fan who can admit the truth.

Here is a list of their studios for the ones who don't know

United States
343 Industries – Halo series
Good Science Studio – Kinect Adventures, Kinect Fun Labs
Microsoft Studios - Core Games Publishing Team – Overseeing multiple projects in conjunction with third party developers
Microsoft Studios - Family – Untitled Project
Microsoft Studios - Flight – Microsoft Flight
Microsoft Studios - Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment – Untitled Project
Microsoft Studios - LEAP – Untitled Project
Microsoft Studios - Mobile Gaming – ilomilo
Platform Next Studios – Untitled Project
Turn 10 Studios – Forza Motorsport series
Twisted Pixel Games – The Gunstringer, 'Splosion Man, Ms. Splosion Man, The Maw, Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley
Xbox Live Productions – South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!, South Park: Tenorman's Revenge

Lionhead Studios – Fable series, Black & White series
Microsoft Studios Soho – Untitled Project
Rare Ltd. – Kinect Sports, Banjo-Kazooie series, Viva Piñata, Perfect Dark series

BigPark – Kinect Joy Ride
Microsoft Studios Vancouver – Untitled Project
Microsoft Studios Victoria – Untitled Project

Non Game Development
Microsoft Studios - Sports Entertainment Group
Microsoft Studios - Technology and Incubation Group
Microsoft Studios - Xbox Core Platform team (API and SDK development)
Microsoft Studios - Skype Xbox Engineering Team
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