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When you go to the local cinema, or buy yourself a Horror Video game you aim at one of two things. Having a great laugh, because the attempt at “horror” will be pathetic, or become absolutely terrified. One would think that after watching a few dozen horror movies and having played all those Resident Evil games a person would be resistant to all the “tricks” horror offers. That is true, in part

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Snookies121875d ago

That was a good read, and I loved Pan's Labyrinth. Always thought that "Pale Man" was the best part of the movie lol.

WriterX1875d ago

The Pale Man was incredibly well played. The movie itself was incredible. I recommend it to anybody who did not watch it yet.

AKS1874d ago

He was played by Doug Jones, who is awesome at these type of roles. He also played The Fawn. He even said the lines in Spanish, although another actor's voice was dubbed over it eventually. The role was apparently very physically demanding.

MagicAccent1875d ago

Fcuking finally, something worthwhile to read..

reznik_zerosum1875d ago

Frictional Games did more for horror genre than movies last ten years

WriterX1875d ago

Are you suggesting Frictional Games should start up their own Movie Studio? That could actually work, seeing as they have the right idea of what Horror should be.

Snookies121874d ago

That would be interesting to see a (real) horror movie done by them... Not like these slasher gore flicks they call horror these days. Though I wouldn't want them to stop making games. ^^

Fanatyk1874d ago

Still, I think that a game gives you some tools, that used well, bring a lot to the genre. Looking at something happening to somebody is not as scary, as being that person. Hmmm... First person horror movie anyone?

AKS1874d ago

I found Siren to be pretty damn creepy.