Starcraft 2 Low Leagues – Part 3, Terran

Well, we’re there, the final piece of the puzzle, the Terran part of this quick look at how to get out of the low leagues in SC2. As I see it, Terran was by far the easiest race to go with it the lower leagues, although, to master Terran is hard, if not the hardest race. The general idea as a Terran is to keep it simple, your basic bio units counter most builds, not all, but 85% of them. But to do well with bio you need a heavy economy as your units are very mineral consuming. Keep in mind though, you do not need more then 3 gas geysers for any game. For a more detailed explanation of how to manage your macro take a look at the Zerg tutorial, but keep in mind to add mules to it, as well as use your energy for the occational scanns which may be required.

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