Don't Trust A Game and It's Trailers

Charlie writes:

"Oh yippee. Another Call of Duty is being released; that brings the total to… 8 Call of Duty’s in 7 years. It’s quite interesting too, because I’ve been finding some articles stating that Call of Duty: Black Ops II could quite be the best of the franchise yet. But isn’t that what they said with Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops 1, and Modern Warfare 3? The one thing that other article writers are taking this fact from is purely from the trailer. But it’s all too often that many gamers are fooled into buying the game just because they think the game looks awesome from it’s trailer."

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aviator1892181d ago

I know I'll probably get bashed for saying this here, but CoD trailers always have been excellent and the music always clicks at the right segments. The B Ops 2 trailer was no exception. I applaud Treyarch for taking the franchise in a risky territory but I feel it's a change that was needed for the annual franchise. Though, I'm still approaching this title with caution as the futuristic setting may just be a layer of paint over the usual CoD features and gameplay.

Though, the story might be exciting.

Kran2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I will hand it to the developers of the CoD games; the trailers do make a CoD game look brilliant. But the actual final product isn't.

BattleAxe2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I don't think that CoD games are bad, I just think everyone is burnt out by the yearly release schedule. People are also tired of buying map packs all the time. I think that Activision should go to a 2 year release cycle if they want this franchise to stay alive. I won't be buying a CoD game for at least another 2 or 3 years. My two favorite shooters right now are Bad Company 2 and Killzone 3 Multiplayer which just got released on PSN for $14.99. Bad Company 2 just got released as a PSN download for $19.99. I'll probably just keep playing these for another year for my online shooter fix. I might buy StarHawk and Ghost recon: Future Soldier also.

Ravenor2181d ago

Jeff Gerstmann got to go to Treyarch to take a look at what they had been doing, surprisingly all they showed was SP. Branching stories AND a more open ended approach to level design could really improve this CoD over MW3.

Plus you go to the 80's....maybe explain why Woods is still alive in this trailer.

EeJLP-2181d ago

Strongly disagreed with Battleaxe. Keep em coming. They're plenty playable for Campaign, Specs Ops, Zombies, etc. at the sub $20 range. Just don't be a sucker paying $60 + map packs every year and you'll be alright. I think the MP is the biggest trash since moldy sliced bread, but again, the rest is plenty playable once the price comes down.

I doubt they're worried about the franchise surviving if it's basically the best selling game every single year and they're not going to cut half their revenue by going to a 2yr cycle.

FACTUAL evidence2181d ago

"Don't be fooled by a game and their trailers"

Learned my lesson from Dead Island.

Corax2181d ago

@BattleAxe I do agree with you in some way but lets be realistic. People are not tired of COD releasing every year, people are not tired of buying map packs for COD, it'll be stupid for them to come out every 2 years if they make money every year just by releasing a new game. I do understand where you're coming from and I to would think people would want something different, I mean can people really be that daft to pay for a $60 game year around plus map packs and now $60 more if they choose for COD Elite. I don't like or play the series any more but I do know millions of people are playing it everyday. I don't know if Activision learned from Guitar Hero but we'll soon find out with COD.

THESONYPS32181d ago

keep your opinions to yourself, many people love cod (ive had all) sure they are repetative and dont explore much new things but its a fun game that many gamers like. Im sure your gonna say battlefields way better, but in others opions its a worse version of bc2 with improved graphics. But guess what graphics dont make a game and besides bf3 on console doesnt look that good, its only good on pc. Well i should already know that this is N4G (full of bf fanboys) and I like both games and none are bad it just annoys me how you dislike one thing that many like and say something the other people and like and think your right. Just dont be idiotic next time, aye?

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Downtown boogey2181d ago

The trailer portrays the changes very quite poorly. In the associated interviews the matter is much more elaborated upon.

humbleopinion2180d ago

Exactly. Well said!

I don't think anyone got overly hyped by the visuals on the trailer, perhaps just slightly by some of the change of settings.
It is in fact the information that started dripping about the side quest structure of the game that seems like this game will be a fresh of breath air on the series.

user54670072181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I hate the game trailers of games which have multiplayer where it shows you a team of friends or even strangers working together like a proper squad...which would never really happen since nearly everyone is every man for themselfs.

I can't help but shake my head and think "*t"

SKullDugger2181d ago

Yeah and people complained about Ghost Recon Future Solider, But COD boys will not say a word about this!!!

MrMister2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I HATE Cod. Heck, I was the guy going around on the internet saying "COD = Children's Online Daycare". However, I dont see how anyone liking COD or hating it has anything to do with Ghost Recon FS. I only love tactical games--I played mostly Metal Gear Online and Battlefield 3 for my action fix. But I got the GRFS Beta early, and it SUCKS. Forget the bugs and glitches--it's just the core gameplay mechanics that suck. I dont have to like COD just to see that GRFS is a poor product. I waited in anticipation for a whole year since they kept cancelling it before: And now I come away dissapointed. This game does not feel like it's been in developement for as long as they say it's been. It feels like it was cheaply passed on between developement teams.

DeadSpaced2180d ago

You know what I want to see? Squads in CoD like in BF3. I'm not going to sing praises over bf3 but I will say this. It definitely made me thing more like I was part of a squad.

tigertron2181d ago

I love and hate trailers at the same time, because sometimes they get you hyped and the final product can be dissapointing. It shows the marketing departments have done their jobs well. Although that said sometimes they do bad trailers for good products. (When I mean products I mean games and films...for want of a better word).

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Kamikaze1352181d ago

Never. Trailers only highlight the good moments in a game and there is no telling how many of those good moments there actually are through the entire game. I always wait for feedback from gamers before buying a game.

TekoIie2181d ago

Reminds me of the MOH 2010 trailer where nothing in one of the trailers EVER happened in the full game lol

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