Opinion: Did tablets and smartphones kill Nintendo?

Mobile gaming has cut Nintendo deep, and now the company is struggling to compete against tablets and smartphones where it used to compete with Sony and Microsoft. Can it survive?

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Dark_Overlord2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

It didn't kill them as such (far from it), however the casual market are very quick to shift to the next "in" thing, which currently are tablets and smart phones. Now that the casuals have jumped ship to these other devices, Nintendo themselves are seeing that the casuals can just as easily move on to the next "in" thing as they did when they purchased the wii.

Its the casuals that have caused Nintendos current financial loss, and as such Nintendo have admitted they need to focus on the core gamers more (the ones who will still be buying games long after the casuals have moved on)

jessupj2209d ago

You can't rely on casuals. They don't care about games.

miyamoto2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Its not the gamers' fault Nintendo is suffering losses.

Nintendo's Iwata admitted it was their mistake things turned out this way.

This is what happens when a company sells off and goes for the quick buck. It came in and came out fast for Nintendo.

Sony and Microsoft forced Nintendo to adopt this strategy.

Technique is good but without staying power Nintendo just can't keep up.

They could have gone better with the same strategy with 3DS - a cheap handheld.

But they fell for the trap of greed. They want HUGE profit on low investment.

The Wii & DS timing was lucky because of the recession of 2008 as they have the lowest price points.

They tried to cash in with their "success" with DS & Wii by charging $250 for an outdated 3DS. It back fired on them. It was the complete opposite of their Blue Ocean strategy for Wii and DS.

The Gameboy Advance was there to make up for the GameCube.

Now that the 3DS is selling at a loss this time its their flagship that is is sinking.

Lets hope the Wii U make up for the 3DS short comings.

klecser2208d ago

You clearly don't follow the 3DS at all because it isn't sinking. If anything, its doing much much better than the DS did at this time in its life cycle.

ChickeyCantor2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

"This is what happens when a company sells off and goes for the quick buck. It came in and came out fast for Nintendo. "

The wii being a major risk to their financial planning, I hardly call that a "quick" buck.

The problem was that the Wii hardly had any games with substance. The big titles came from Nintendo and hardly third-parties.
Shovelware overshadowing the good games and people started the trend that Nintendo was going for the "quick buck". Their first party titles like mario and zelda etc. beg the differ.

"The Gameboy Advance was there to make up for the GameCube. "

You mean they made a handheld...not to follow up the GameBoy but to compensate for the Gamecube?

You do realise that both were released not so far apart?

InTheLab2208d ago


I disagree. The DS didn't need a massive price drop months after release. Nintendo didn't need to send out "we're sorry" games for early adopters.

The 3DS is successful for that reason and that reason alone. How can N take a hit like that and fans still somehow think everything is OK?

klecser2208d ago

Probably because we're playing games and enjoying them? Most of the people commenting on how Nintendo is "doomed" and "horrible" don't even play the games on the systems. The proof is in the pudding, and the fact is that there are a lot of great games out on the system right now. Just because you don't like the system doesn't mean the system is doomed. Its the classic gamer attitude: "I don't like a system, so its doomed."

I don't like Sony games, but that doesn't mean that I think Sony is doomed. Vita is struggling right now for the same reason that 3DS struggled at launch: lack of software. But Vita is still a fabulous system. Sony just needs to get its head out of its butt and make more games for it.

PopRocks3592208d ago


Yeah, the fact that two Mario games that sold over a million units in the span of a month or two had nothing to do with the 3DS' sales boost. /sarcasm

Also the 3DS had its price drop at precisely the right time. It doesn't matter how cheap your hardware is; if you're catering to gamers, it needs games on it.

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Titanz2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Nintendo isn't the only gaming company to fall victim to the tablet/smartphone, rise.

Venox20082209d ago

Mobile gaming is doing harm to everything in a bad way.. so much game clones and toned down quality (there are exceptions)... I just hope that sales will be better and better for console & pc games and those mobile casuals were playing games that are made by real game making companies, like ninty & sony & other great companies..

Outside_ofthe_Box2209d ago

You can't kill something that isn't dead. I think hurt would be the better word to use. The answer is no imo. The 3DS is doing well. We'll have to wait for Wii U to see how well that does.

mike1up2209d ago

You report first ever annual loss, and people want you buried. How awful.

ozstar2209d ago

Alot of people own ALOT of Apple Stock.

just saying.....

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