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Infernostew2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Awesome if true! The first game is up there as one of my favorites last gen and the HD port really chalked up interest in the game so I'm glad they're going ahead with the sequel. I really hope this one is longer than the first game since it took me about 8-10 hours to 100% the first one. Too bad we probably won't be seeing this game launch for another 2 or so years. I really hope this is going to retail and not a PSN/XBLA release.

cannon88002236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

This is actually the first game to ever be confirmed as a next gen title a few years ago. Even on ign it was marked as a next gen ps4 game.

just recently they also made it for pc and next gen xbox.

I'm surprised not that many people knew about this. And they call me a "Poor excuse for a gamer" sigh

DaCajun2236d ago

This game was announced 4 years ago for this generation but vanished, reappeared, then vanished again. I hope it doesn't vanish again and they actually finish it whether it be this generation or the next as long as the game is done right.

egidem2236d ago

This will make me a very happy man, if true. Beyond Good & Evil is an awesome game.

majiebeast2236d ago

Show it or i dont believe it.

Redempteur2236d ago

ok gen , then ??

I'll wait ..but this better be worth it ancel ..

A BG&E fan ..

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The story is too old to be commented.