Sessler's Soapbox: X-Play: Gametime Evolved

G4 The Feed, January 9, 2008:

In this week's Sessler's Soapbox, Adam does something a little different: He plugs his own show, X-Play. With the relaunch on Monday, Sessler wants everyone to know just what the new X-Play is going to be like. He's excited. G4 is excited. He thinks you'll be excited once you check out the Soapbox below. Afterward, let G4 know what you think in their comments section or leave your thoughts on their forums.

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Clinton5143961d ago

Will the new Xplay be about less two faced whiney rants?

Gondee3961d ago

Im hoping they beef up there reviews. With scores to 10. And actual rubriks.

GITPWNED3961d ago

That's probably asking too much of G-whore.

But I'm glad to see the gang: Adam, Morgan, and Morgan's Boobs again.

jr killa3961d ago

Awesome! im glad to see the gang 2!